Innovative Ideas for the Vintage Interior Design in Modern Era

Vintage interior design ideas make people remember the sweeter era of 1940’s glamour where homes had gorgeous furniture. Vintage interior design is an elegant, romantic and cozy style. This style even though it is old fashioned, it is exquisite. It involves the use of old or artificially aged décor and furniture. With vintage interior design, you can use natural materials like wood, stone, forged elements, and natural fabrics.

The interior should look like it was designed some decades ago. Vintage interior design mostly reflects the fashion trends of the past decades being 30-60 years ago. You can add the vintage touch into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

A room that is designed in vintage design looks simple. The abrasion, chips, and cracks give the room an excellent atmosphere; an atmosphere of peace, nostalgia, and relaxation together with a comfortable look. So if you would like to incorporate both the vintage design and a modern design in your home, then continue reading through because this article gives you some of the best ideas that you can use to come up with a design that has both vintage design and modern design.

How vintage touch can be given to modern

If you want to incorporate vintage interior design with a modern touch into your new home, the following are a list of vintage interior design ideas that can help you to get the perfect combination.

  1. Select the best antiques

Antiques play an important role when it comes to a vintage home. No matter the decade that you like, you will still find key pieces that can help you to bring that vintage feel in your home. It is no doubt that the antiques bring a unique sense of history that the new creations cannot match.

When choosing an antique, it necessarily doesn’t have to be older for it to be called a vintage design, you can choose a decent one in good condition. You should think about whether it will be able to stand up to the wear and tear that happens daily.

The following are some of the signs that you can check to know whether the antique was made to stand the test of time:


The weight can determine the strength of an antique because the heavier it is, the more it proves that it was made from real and natural materials rather than a more modern variation.

Rust or discoloration

This can usually be determined on a case-by-case basis. Even though a little rust caused by light exposure can be dealt with, too much of it may not be worth it.

Rugged joints

You should pay attention to the see if the joints feel steady. If they feel sturdy, then you look into the cause. You know you can easily replace a loose nail but fixing wood rot is not that simple.

  1. Add in some vintage-inspired details

Although the antics are great, you cannot build the entire room around them. Because to be honest, if you do so, space might just look horrible. The best vintage designs that you can choose are designs that are inspired by tradition but feel appropriate for the present day.

To achieve this, you can round out the space with modern acquisitions that showcase vintage-inspired details. For instance, you can search for a piece that has contemporary and clean lines done in a weathered finish. Or you can find an item that has been done in a trendy finish but is also more ornate at the same time.

If you want to mix and match modern and traditional design elements, you should always be consistent. Consistency is key. Your vintage and vintage-inspired items should fit together perfectly. Ensure that you do the similar detailing throughout the entire room, so that the space feels intentional and cohesive.

  1. Make the antiques your focal point

When you have antiques that you are comfortable with, you should make them the focal point of your room. A focal point is the first thing that grabs one’s attention when they enter a room. So by placing the antique into that focal point, it will set the tone of your space.

The furniture becomes the perfect candidate for this reason. The rule of the thumb is that the furniture should be at the center stage to help determine the function of the space clearly. You can also allow a vintage dining table, accent chair, or a bed frame to take center stage. A wide range of vintage furniture is available at RevivalHome.

If you don’t prefer that style, then larger decorative items are a good alternative. You can also look for a larger mirror or piece of wall art to add some elegance to the room. Rugs are also a good option to think of.

  1. Copy vintage patterns and colors

One of the ways to give your home that vintage aesthetic is through colors and patterns. The polka dots that dates back to the 1950s can be of great use here. Or you can try the rich, saturated reds to evoke the Victorian era. When you include these elements in your design, you can achieve that vintage design with minimal effort.

You can do a little research on your preferred period so that you can get the sense of the styles that were popular that time. If possible, you can try to find an image from the era so that you can use it as a design inspiration and see how they were utilized at that time.


It is undeniable to understand why people love to include vintage interior design in their homes. There is something that’s appealing about adding the elegant aesthetics of the past to your design. But you should be able to differentiate between paying tributes and creating a modern look when creating this design. With the above suggestions, you should be able to come up with interiors that are reminiscent of the past without feeling lost in time.

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