Improving the Value of Your Home with Metal Structures

Metal buildings are among some of the most versatile building options available to builders. With the advantages of longevity and low maintenance, it’s a no-brainer to see why steel structures would make the perfect addition to your property! Whether you plan to add a finished addition to your home or need a larger carport or garage for your vehicles and heavy equipment, steel will almost always be the most efficient, cost-effective solution.

What Makes Metal Structures a Great Investment

There are many reasons why steel is the superior building material. But what exactly makes metal buildings a great investment? There are many reasons! We’ve compiled a few of the best below:

  1. Increases Property Value

This one is fairly straightforward! Adding a metal building to your property will increase its value. With the longevity of the structure and low-maintenance requirements, you can rest assured that it will be only appreciated in value if you decide to sell your property.

  1. Maximize Storage Space

Sick of all the clutter? A metal building is a great way to store important belongings, work equipment, and more! And with a modular-type construction process, you can always add on if you need more space!

  1. They Make Great Living Quarters

Metal buildings aren’t just for garages anymore! With current technology, metal structures can easily be finished and transformed into living areas, bedrooms, or workshops. You can get pretty inventive! Some people have turned their buildings into airplane hangars, churches, mother-in-law suites, and more.

  1. They’re Multi-Purpose

Not only do they work wonderfully as living spaces, but they are also flexible enough for you to use them for just about any purpose. Seamlessly alternate between storage, work, and home, without even having to leave the building.

  1. Metal Buildings Protect Vehicles

Metal structures are an excellent way of protecting your more valuable property, like cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. From lawnmowers to sports cars, your metal carport will ensure that your valuables are kept safe!

Common Mistakes that Decrease Home Value

  1. Adding too large of a building to a smaller property

While adding a metal structure or addition to your property is almost always a great way to increase your overall property value, there are a few caveats! The size of your garage will most likely need to be proportional to the square footage of your home. Very few people want to buy an itty-bitty house with a mammoth garage in the backyard!

  1. Ruining the Aesthetics

Just as troublesome as building too large of a building on your property, adding a metal building that doesn’t fit with your current aesthetics can significantly impact the value of your home. For example, a Victorian-style home probably wouldn’t pair well with a metal addition. But this is not a hard rule! Consult with real estate specialists to determine what type of additions would best serve your property.

  1. Adding a Structure Directly to Your Home

This one should be fairly simple. Whatever you attach to your home will need to be approved by zoning reps and taken into account during the home valuation process. So, if you’re adding a permanent addition to your home, take special care that it matches the style and will serve to improve the overall value. You don’t want one room dragging down your whole home value!

Multi-Use Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are engineered for a quick and efficient construction process that’s geared toward customization. If you can think it up, we can design it! Our mission is to make the process as simple as possible, but before you invest in a metal building, there are some critical factors to take into account:

  1. Size

The size of your building is very important! Taking the time to research exactly how much square footage you’ll need will save you a ton of trouble and headache in the future. If using it as a garage, you’ll need to understand the size of your vehicles or equipment to ensure that they comfortably fit. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on metal carports only to discover their car won’t adequately fit inside.

  1. Architectural Style

It’s important to note the architectural style of your home and if the more contemporary aesthetics of metal buildings will work for you! Clashing architectural tastes can have a negative effect, dragging down your overall property value. Additionally, some mortgage lenders might not approve loans for unbalanced property, making it more difficult for prospective buyers to close on your home.

  1. Local Building Codes

Before breaking ground on your new construction project, you’ll want to take the time to ensure that your building is up to code.

Our products are engineered to meet most local zoning codes and load certifications, but you’ll want to perform due diligence to determine if your new addition violates any established regulations. Speak with your local zoning office for more information!

  1. Budget Twice, Purchase Once

As with any larger purchase, taking a budget into account is paramount to the success of your endeavor. You will want to carefully calculate the cost of the structure, zoning, and permits, as well as the interior costs if you plan on finishing out the structure.


Regardless of what you intend to do with your metal building, choosing steel over typical stick-built structures will almost always save you money. The lifespan and low maintenance of metal garages make them a fantastic investment that will last a lifetime. They’re sturdy and built to withstand a multitude of assaults from Mother Nature, pests, and rust.

Metal buildings also make great workshops, home gyms, living rooms, and pretty much anything you can think to do with them. They can easily be finished for additional square footage for your home, adding extra aesthetic value and charm while providing the comfort you require. Adding one of these structures can have a tremendous effect on the value of your property. Whether it’s a new carport or garage, or a finished addition to your home, you can’t go wrong with metal!

If you have any questions, please ask below!