Hygiene Tips for Home Maintenance

Our homes are very often neglected when hygiene is in question. Sure, we vacuum every now and then, sweep the shelves with dusters etc., but going full package cleaning is both exhausting and time consuming. However, once every nook and cranny of our home is clean, the atmosphere becomes amazing and we are filled with joy and thrill of success. Since these occasions tend to be uncommon we should try to at least prolong this feeling of satisfaction for as long as possible and keep our homes fresh. The following tips will contain information on how to preserve the clean atmosphere for a longer period of time.

Isolate the smokers


We undoubtedly know just how many side effects in the area of health and environment can one smoker bring to the table. If you are a smoker, or someone in your family is, then you are aware just how quick a burning cigarette can affect the air in one room. Not only that, but also our drapes, our furniture and pillows absorb that scent, and in just a single day, all of your efforts to keep a healthy atmosphere are gone. To avoid, or at least postpone this smelly scenario, isolate smokers in one room or tell them to use the balcony. If someone wants to enjoy a smoke, others do not have to suffer and breath in the air filled with decay. Additionally, to maintain the desired scent, you should buy air fresheners. This way, your rooms will smell better even if you haven't cleaned them for some time.

Kitchen odours


This is a bit more difficult, considering that unlike smoking, cooking is an essential part of life and therefore cannot be excluded. Unfortunately, whenever we cook, we make a lot of mess, and if we do not act immediately, we can kiss our fresh air goodbye. First thing you need to do after you are done with preparing a meal is neutralize the smell. Take approximately 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and a glass of water, mix them up and boil them for 3-5 minutes. Also, when cooking, close all the doors and open the windows in your kitchen so that steam can start to ventilate immediately. Furthermore, do not allow the stench from the garage can to spread through the room, try to toss it out right after you are finished. And third, do not forget to clean up the sink, disposer blades can be efficiently cleaned by grinding the ice from the freezer, and if you do not have a disposer, pour half a glass of baking soda into the sink and let the hot water run from your tap.

Organize your things


If you intended to have a clean home, you need to have order. Yes, it does sound like a cliché, but without the tendency to organize your items, your home can look like hoarders' residence. Hoarding can have a significant impact on the scents which dwell in your home, or on your indoor air quality (IAQ). First of all, with tons of stuff lying around, you obstruct the circulation of air, second, with dirty and sweaty clothes out in the open, you allow foul odour and bacteria to spread through the rooms, third, if something is a source of a horrible odour, you will not be able to find it. As a result, you will be constantly tired, your eyes and nose will be irritated, and you will probably suffer from chronic headache. Not to mention if someone is having health problems like asthma, his or her condition will most certainly deteriorate.

Toilet and bathroom


Once again, the inevitable sources of bad air. The best thing to do is purchase small fans that are constantly active as you use these places. The same rules that apply for the kitchen are present here as well, once you are done, clean after yourself, and use air freshener afterwards. Additionally, having a HVAC system (Heating ventilating and air conditioning) can help significantly aid you in your quest for cleaner environment, since the system can ventilate and manage the humidity level of your residence.

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