How Your Interior Design Can Change Your Life


The environment plays a huge role in our daily mood. Changing the interior of your home can actually change your life.

Ever thought about the reason why all playgrounds for children are colourful and bright? Because that way they look fun. The best solution is to make up your mind what that room will be used for and then start decorating it. Is it going to be a bedroom? Then you need relaxing colours, dimmer lighting, soft pillows and covers. Is it going to be turned into a living room? Paint it in bright colours that stimulate conversation and make the atmosphere live.

1. Light

The right lighting can completely transform a space. So before you start buying fixtures, first find out what suits a room best.

Lighting can change your mood or you can adjust the lighting to your mood. Whatever the case, we all know how the sun makes us happy and the night…well, sleepy. So light affects us more than we think.

  • Hallway-this is the first thing you(and your guests) see once they enter your home. It is reasonable to place nice lighting for safety reasons. Maybe you have stairs in your home or there are shoes in the hallway that someone can trip over.
  • Living room-definitely an area that needs lots of light. In this room you communicate, a lot of people gather so the lighting should be brighter. You can accent on a painting, too. A small fixture pointing at it makes the room look sophisticated and artsy.
  • Dining room-the accent in this room is the table so the light should be pointing at it. The most classic option that you can use is placing a chandelier. Depending on the size of the table instead of hanging a big chandelier, maybe use two smaller for more light.
  • Kitchen-this room should be lit up the most since you cook here and you have to pay attention when you're cutting vegetables. Make sure you light up the areas that are the most used in the kitchen.
  • Bedroom-it mostly needs dimmer lighting that can relax you and put you to sleep. Of course, if you love reading books, place a lamp on the night stand.

2. Curtains

Curtains are a little underestimated these days. Adding the right type of curtains in every room can help fully achieve the look you are going for. And they also are a main ingredient in a home's interior design.

  • Blackout-mostly used in bedrooms. They provide privacy and protect against the bright morning light.
  • Valances-you can find them in the kitchen. People use them for decoration since light is needed in the kitchen.
  • Sheer-the most popular ones-your neighbours won't be able to see inside your home, but these curtains still allow you to enjoy the landscape outside

You can also use aluminium blinds to completely block out the light or to fully hide from onlookers. But they are mostly used in offices because of their coldness.

3. Colour

  • Kitchen-a nice way to decorate your kitchen is to choose a few appliances or other object and paint/buy them in a certain colour. For instance, buy a black stove that can go with the black boards.
  • Living room-home designers say it's best to go with brown and beige because they stimulate conversation. They're calming, though, so you can still feel relaxed in this part of the house.
  • Dining room-experts suggest using red here because this exact colour stimulates appetite. Of course, don't turn your dining room into a fire station.
  • Bedroom-here you can use beige, black, white, neutrals but don't go for the brighter colours. This is the room where you rest and bright colours will keep you alarmed instead of making you sleepy.
  • Bathroom-haven't you ever wondered why bathroom are always white or blue? Because these colours give a spa-feel. People nowadays mostly use bolder colours to make the room modern.

4. Taste

No matter what people say or what is trendy at the moment, you will feel most comfortable in a home that you like. If you don't like minimalistic style then don't go for it. Decorate however you find the most stylish and you'll always be excited to go home.

5. Declutter

And we don't just mean excessive amounts of stuff. Clutter doesn't necessary have to stuff that are broken or you don't like-you have to get rid of everything you no longer need or use. This will open your home and it would feel even more spacious than before.

6. Feng shui

If you find this ancient philosophy interesting why not use it in your home? There are many books you can buy and even articles you can find online.

Your home is really a reflection of you so make it how you find it most beautiful.


If you have any questions, please ask below!