How Waterproofing Your Basement Saves You Money

basementHomeowners in the need of foundation repair in NJ may be concerned about the cost of hiring a professional to waterproof their basement. If the basement is finished, the task may seem too daunting or too late to be effective. However, there are a number of reasons for properly waterproofing any basement, and a wide variety of solutions available for achieving a waterproof barrier.

Stop Leaks

Basement construction leaves a lot of room for potential leaks inside the home. A leaky window, a crack in the foundation or a backed up floor drain can all cause significant water damage in a basement. Once a leak starts, the water will continue to seep into the house, and as the seasons change the water may even freeze and cause bigger cracks in the foundation. Stopping a water leak as soon as it is discovered will prevent you from spending even more on foundation repairs long term, and keep water from ruining carpets and walls in the mean time. This can be accomplished with a professional grade sealant along cracks in the wall and between the wall and floor. If water has begun to collect at a rapid rate, the use of a sump pump may be necessary to remove the water before the area can be dried.

Prevent Mold

Even a small leak will allow unwanted humidity to build up in a basement space. With no visible water, homeowners may not suspect that damage is occurring in the first place. However, a good waterproofing solution will prevent moisture from causing mold and mildew from growing behind walls and under carpet where it will go unnoticed until the problem is out of control. It will cost significantly more to clean up and treat a moldy basement than it would to waterproof first. Dehumidifiers can be used to pull moisture out of the air before it becomes too much of a problem.

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

Depending on how water is getting into a basement, the best way to prevent foundation repair in NJ homes is with a comprehensive waterproofing solution that addresses indoor and outdoor water threats. Checking basement drains to keep them from backing up is easy enough, as well as sealing windows and cracks in the foundation from inside. However, another important factor in preventing foundation damage is keeping water away from the foundation in the first place, which may mean proper grading, drainage and gutters on the outside to pull water away from the walls. All of these are small pieces of a much larger waterproofing plan that will prevent water from causing devastating damage inside a home.


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