How to Use Wire Balustrades to Enhance Your Home Interiors

Wire BalustradeInterior design used to be a preserve of the wealthy and involve paying for the input of several different professionals from a range of disciplines to help achieve an overall result.

Today, many people realize that they can create a truly modern look or use unique design schemes for their home interiors to their own specifications, without having to rely on interior designers for concept or initial layout planning.

Whether you are looking at having a classic minimalist approach, using clean lines and materials such as glass, chrome and steel for an ultra modern new build or create a stunning counterpoint interior for a period property, a contemporary aesthetic doesn’t need to cost the earth when it comes to having the initial vision.

If you want to make a bold statement or simply make an environment for your home that reflects modern concepts, choosing a modern wire balustrade system can be a center point for everything else to lead off from.

Following are a few easy ways to use wire balustrades in your home embellishments:

Some New ways to use Wire balustrade

Having wire balustrades isn’t a totally new idea as industrial and commercial cutting edge interiors have been using them for many years. However, it is a relatively recent development for them to be used in the domestic setting.

Traditional wooden staircases feature in almost every property built until the end of the 20th century and many new homes still use them today, but the appearance of a staircase and its surroundings can be changed by using balustrade systems.

Of course, there are many other places that they can be applied as well. For example in bathrooms, as room dividers, in balconies and even as part of an intelligent garden layout. Essentially, the first thing that you must ask yourself when buying wire balustrades is how extensively do you intend to use them around your home?

Create Illusion of Space and Lighting

The flexible nature of the way that wire balustrades can be put to use within an overall interior design scheme is one of their major aspects of appeal. To be able to play with illusions of space and utilize both natural and artificial lighting sources to unlimited degrees means that any space can benefit from the careful arrangement of this modern approach to balustrades.

Even the placement of a staircase itself can be rethought with a prominent central position achievable due to the way that lines of sight and illumination of spaces need not be hindered by the structure itself.

Stainless Steel and Glass balustrade for Minimalistic approach

The second decision is to choose the type of balustrade that is right for your own requirements.

There are four main types of modern balustrade systems based around glass and steel components and for domestic use wire versions are proving to be the most popular. This is partly down to cost as well as versatility but ultimately the aesthetic appeal that a minimalist wire system can provide is what swings the decision for many.

An easy way to install these

Fitting any new fixture features to a domestic environment can mean some disruption to life, and when you are choosing to go ahead with a home improvement it is important to know how the installation will work.

Fitting an entirely new staircase can be a disruptive job but simply replacing one existing balustrade system with a new one of your choice need not be anything quite so dramatic. In fact, the whole process will probably take a lot less time than you might think and of course when completed there is an instant effect and improvement.

Stairways are covered by some building regulations but most domestic applications of new balustrades are straightforward in terms of approval that might be needed.

Easy Maintenance Choice

Traditional timber stairs and banister combinations might be thought of as relatively low maintenance but in fact the individual components can make them difficult to keep clean.

Wire handrail systems are popular choices because of the low level of maintenance and easy cleaning that they require over the long term. Quite simply, there is very little to go wrong and the materials used mean that an extended life span is virtually guaranteed.

Building Regulations that need to be taken care of

Building regulations that are in place to control stairway designs date back to British Standards set in 1944 and modern designs must comply to all aspects. However, the strength of new materials means that new ideas about design can be easily incorporated into a concept that adheres to the letter of the law in all respects.

Health and safety regulations and building regulations are there to protect people and in fact the advantages of modern balustrade systems reach far beyond simply the way that they look.

Uses for advanced protection can be built in to a design and as the materials used are of the highest quality there can never be any question of corners being cut when it comes to safety concerns.

Whether you are thinking of an ultra modern balustrade system for a new build or modernist style properties or for a counterpoint design inside a period home, using such a powerful design tool can create a stunning effect in whatever way you wish to incorporate it.

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