How to Spruce up a Tired Family Home this Spring

kids room

Many family homes up and down the country are suffering from cluttered, tired decors, crayon markings on the walls and messy carpet stains – all thanks to those little bundles of joy we have running around our homes (that’s the kids – not the pets!) Although it isn’t possible to keep a show-home type décor in your home all year round, it IS possible to spruce up your home this Spring without a) spending a lot of money and b) creating a house your kids just have to be banned from. So although white furniture and cream leather designer chairs might not be the best option when you have kids around, here’s a few other things you can do this season to get your home looking fresh and inviting:

Open up those windows

The windows are the eyes of your house, and how well your house looks from the inside can often be dependent on the light that floods in through these windows. So, how about giving them a re-think? Old, dusty blinds can clutter a window. Try removing blinds completely, or if you need privacy, try simple blinds of materials like tulle to create a softer framing look which helps maintain privacy. Clean your curtains, or dye them a different colour. Free up your windowsills of clutter and dusty ornaments, and add a vase of flowers. Clean children’s’ hand marks off the window glass with a simple vinegar solution.


Think about the positioning of lamps in your home. Do you have the right balance of light? Try different levels of lighting to create a modern yet warm look. Keep wires tucked away from little hands to make spaces both safer and more minimalist. Experiment with repositioning furniture to allow light to shine deeper into your living spaces. Or look at clever recessed lighting options to create a subtle ambiance to a room that helps to relax and soothe when play time is over.

Spruce up old sofas

Not everyone wants to invest in a new sofa when the kids are likely to jump on it, spill something on it, or generally ruin its condition. So, stick with what you’ve got. Try giving it a deep clean (use a steamer for stain removal) and buy new cushion covers or new cushions/throws to revitalise its look. Mix up styles, patterns and sizes for a Moroccan feel. If you’re not sure how it would look, try free online tools, such as OKA’s cushion arranger, to see how it would look before you make the purchase.

Get your storage sorted

Toys all over the floor can look cluttered and messy. So have a simple toy solution in place where kids can learn to put their toys away at the end of each day. You can buy big plastic boxes with lids on, as well as wicker baskets that can look a little better placed in a home. Look out for smart storage solutions, like foot stools with inner storage. Explore your roof space and any odd shaped nooks and crannies to utilise every ounce of free space you have (additional store space is consistently cited as a proven way to add commercial value to your house) If you’re feeling really ambitious you can even refit your stairs to incorporate additional storage:


Out with the old

It’s hard to let go of some things. Try and have a sort through what you don’t need and recycle it or throw it away. It can feel therapeutic for the mind, as well as the home!

If you have any questions, please ask below!