How to Select the Right Mattress for Home?

A mattress defines how comfortable are you in your bedroom. Choosing a right mattress can be a task as all mattress look alike. Never plan buying a mattress basis what a salesperson says or how costly it is. This blog will help you in choosing the right mattress for your home and the type of mattress available in the market.

A right mattress is one of the main reasons for a good night’s sleep. There are many factors like lifestyle, room temperature, food habits, stress level, health problems and comfort level of the bed that leads to bad health of an individual. Hence, one needs to address various issues for enjoying a peaceful sleep and the first basic step is to ensure that the mattress is suitable to provide the much required comfort to the tired body.


Normally, the lifespan of a mattress should not more than five to seven years. And one can easily experience if the mattress provides the same kind of support to the body as it did when it was new. When a person is unable to get a good night’s sleep or wakes up in the morning with pain in the back, then it is the first trigger that there is some problem with the mattress.

How to choose the RIGHT mattresses?


Before buying a new mattress, one should ensure whether the mattress is comfortable enough to give you a good sleep. Try lying down in a position in which the person would sleep under normal condition. If you get up uncomfortably or with a back pain, then that’s not the right mattress for you. There are three factors which should be considered before searching for various types of mattresses available in the market.

Cost Effective:

The cost of the mattress can be an important consideration in deciding on the type of mattress to be chosen. The budget of a family plays a great role in the choice of a mattress for the home.

Type of mattress

Today you will see variety of mattresses available in the market. Right from Foam to coil, you have multiple choices to choose from. One needs to have a look at the pros and cons of each mattress in order to decide and select the appropriate mattress for the home.

The various types of mattresses available in the market are:

  • Cotton mattress – Cotton mattress is one which is filled with natural cotton. They have been used for centuries is well known for their softness and ultimate comfort levels. They help with the circulation of air and enable a person to have a peaceful sleep.
  • Coir mattresses – Coir mattresses are made up of layers of coir fiber acquired from the coconut husk. Coir mattresses usually have a foam layer in between with the top and bottom surrounded by coir fiber and completed with cotton insulated layers as padding.
  • Spring mattresses – These are also known asinnerspring mattressesand are the most widely used mattresses in today’s world. The mattress is covered with coil springs and each coil id enclosed in an individual manner. The upper layer of the mattress is covered with various materials to add comfort to the body.
  • Memory foam mattresses – Memory foam mattresses are the latest innovation in the field of mattresses and can combine comfort and luxury. The top layer is made up of viscose named ‘Polyutherine’ which varies in thickness as per the cost.
  • Orthogel mattress – Developed using gel technology by Bayer, Germany; Orthogel is a scientific sensation that facilitates deep, sound and luxurious sleep. It perfectly distributes the body weight, eliminates pressure points and maintains perfect alignment, creating zero bounce back effect, to make you feel like you are sleeping weightless in mid-air. Orthogel offers a choice of three scientifically designed mattresses with Visco Gel, Latex Gel and Ergo Gel. You can find Orthogel mattress with different gels at Foam Home.

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