How to Save on Kitchen Renovation Costs

The busiest part of a home, Kitchen, is the center of attraction for many people. The smell and varieties of food prepared there attract the inmates as a magnet attracts iron. Especially when there is a party or celebration in that house, most of the guests will try to visit Kitchen at least once during the party. So, smart people will also keep their kitchen somewhat neat when the guest is in the home. It is human tendency to look into the kitchen, however beautiful and innovative other parts of the house may be. It is because the real picture of that house owner, their preferences and tastes can be found out easily. It is a part like a mirror which will reveal everything to guests.

On the other hand, it is the last place people like to make changes; remodeling or renovating demands lots of money. It is an expensive affair. Most of the people will postpone that work till large part of the paint is peeled off and their counter top is chipped out.

Here are some cost-saving ideas for kitchen renovation:

  1. Do It Yourself or DIY: Remodeling of kitchen can be done by yourself. It is not a great thing provided you have some leisure time and patience. Many selves, guide books, tutorials and Videos are available to know everything in case there is a doubt. Appointing some for labor will make the budget go sky rocketing.
  2. Walls: Easiest way of changing the look and feel can be attained by painting walls. Fresh coating of lively and inspiring colors will change the entire atmosphere dramatically. Apply a coat of premier before painting the actual one since it will last longer and look brighter. Painting is the most inexpensive idea to change the entire atmosphere. Another option is to go for wallpapers.
  3. Flooring: Though there are expensive flooring options, low cost methods like vinyl or linoleum flooring and laminations in thousands of varieties are sufficient to create a new look. These methods will not cost much and can be installed easily without any outside labor.
  4. Countertop: Natural looking counter tops with granite or quartz or any other stones are very costly and hence it is better to correct them by repairing. If it cannot be made then laminating its surface is the cheapest idea. They come in thousands of colors and designs and are easy to install. Another option is ceramic tiles. They will take some time to get them fixed.
  5. Cabinets: Without going into complete reinstallation of new cabinets, old ones can be cleaned, remove molds, repainted. Wherever necessary the hardware parts can be replaced like screws, nuts, hinges, door knobs and small items like this. Though these are small inexpensive things they will make a great difference in both appearance and value.
  6. Others: The above five changes in the kitchen are sufficient to renovate the place in its entirety. If budget allows, fixing of new sinks, adding a new backsplash and changing window treatment can be done additionally.

Thus, with innovative ideas and inexpensive materials kitchen renovation costs can be cut down considerably.

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  1. Of course, there are plenty of things that we can do to save money on kitchen renovation. Proper planning is very important to save money on kitchen renovation. Refinishing kitchen cabinets can save a lot of money. It can provide your kitchen a new and fantastic look and feel if done right.

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