How to Save Money on Central Heating

radiatorWith energy prices on the rise, saving money on your heating bills is becoming more of an important issue. Here are just a few ways in which you are able to cut your energy losses and save money on those ever increasing bills.


Insulation is one of the most basic ways that everybody can reduce their energy consumption and lower their bill that they get. Insulation is commonly found in walls, ceilings and in your roof. It is basically a wool like material that consists of many tiny pockets of air and air is a very good insulator which is why thermal insulation is a good way of keeping heating costs down. It is relatively cheap to buy, however, some areas in the UK have schemes that offer you free insulation.

Turn it Down During the Night

Another effortless way to cut costs is to simply turn down or even turn of the heating during the night. Many of us have big cosy duvets that will keep us warm during the night, even the heating is on a low setting or off. Also, a lot of central heating systems have timer settings on which you can set times for it to turn on and off. It is useful as you can set it to turn off automatically as you go to bed and the turn on just before you wake up.

TIP: Homeowners can now qualify for a free central heating grant through the ECO initiative. Read through the Warma UK guide on how to qualify for a central heating grant

Double Glazing

A large amount of energy is wasted through our windows or any large glass doors we may have. Although they may look pretty and good for the eye, they will empty your pockets with high heating bills. The obvious way to combat this is to install double glazing windows and doors. This reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the windows and doors as the air between the glass panes acts as a good insulator. It may not be as efficient as triple glazing which is used is some Scandinavian countries but you probably don’t need that much glazing in the UK.

Separate Area Heating

Many of us today don’t use all the rooms in the house which means a lot of heat is wasted when we are only in one room. To combat this, you can have separate heating units with individual thermostats. This enables you to heat the rooms you spend more time in and not heat the rooms you may not use at all, saving you large amounts of energy and money in the long run. Although it may not be an ideal or practical solution for some, it certainly is very effective.

Solar Heating

Solar central heating is an economical and environmentally friendly way to reduce bills and do your bit for the environment. Solar heating involves placing solar panels on your roof (preferably south facing). They use the sun’s energy to heat up water which is stored in a cylinder. The cost for the panels is around £2,500 to £5,000 which means they are a long term investment and require a lot of thinking before you decide to get them. Unfortunately, they provide most of the hot water in the summer months and less in the winter months due to less sunshine in the winter. However, they are great economical money savers that are very efficient and effective.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these ways. It is true that heating bills is a concern. By means of this tips people will be thinking of other ways to cut their high bills and promote conservation to electricity and energy.

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