How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your LED Illuminated Mirror

Illuminated mirrors have a wide range of functions and are an exceedingly useful addition to any bathroom. And whether you have just installed illuminated bathroom mirrors of your own or are still thinking of purchasing one, you need to know how to properly clean and maintain it.

The first thing that you need to remember is that it is relatively easy to keep your bathroom mirrors with lights relatively clean and sparkling. It all takes just a few minutes and the right cleaning materials to have your LED bathroom mirrors look as good as new and clearer than ever.

LED Illuminated Mirror

The materials you need

Keeping your bathroom mirror lights clean and dirt- and smudge-free can be done with some simple materials, such as a micro-fibre cloth and some warm or lukewarm water. Never ever clean your illuminated bathroom cabinets or mirrors with abrasive materials such as the rough side of a sponge and other abrasive cleaning products.

To keep your illuminated mirror clean and sparkling

Most of the time, bathroom mirrors are never that dirty. You can clean your illuminated bathroom mirrors in just a few seconds by dipping your micro-fibre cloth in warm water and simply rubbing the cloth over the mirror's surface in a circular motion in order to avoid any smearing. If you want, you can also use another micro-fibre cloth (one that is dry) to wipe the mirror clean after rubbing it with the wet cloth.

For more stubborn dirt and stains, however, all you need is some washing up liquid and glass cleaner. Simply dilute a few drops of the washing up liquid in a container with warm or lukewarm water, and then use a soft sponge to gently wipe the surface of the mirror. Once the mirror's surface has been wiped with the sponge and washing up liquid mixture, gently buff the dirt or grime away with a micro-fibre cloth. Then use a glass cleaner (spray some amount on another piece of micro-fibre cloth) and wipe it on the surface for a streak-free sparkle and shine.

What not to use

We've already mentioned that you should never use abrasive cleaning equipment or materials on your illuminated mirror (or any other mirror, for that matter). But there are some other materials that you should also avoid, since they simply do not work. Ever heard of newspaper to keep mirrors and glass clean? Well, it doesn't work. Perhaps this trick or technique worked decades ago, but it does not work anymore. Why? Because the inks that are used in newspapers today tend to leave dirt and residue, resulting in streaks on the mirror's surface or on glass.

Other types of materials to stay away from when cleaning your bathroom mirrors with lights are paper towels. The problem with paper towels is that they may make your mirror clean, but they tend to leave small pieces of lint on the surface, which you have to clean again anyway. Besides, paper towels are wasteful as well. It is best to stick with micro-fibre cloth that is also free from lint to keep your mirrors clean.

To keep your illuminated bathroom cabinets and mirrors (available from suppliers like clean and sparkling new, just make use of the above-mentioned tips and you'll have an even better-looking and more efficient illuminated mirror in no time.

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