How to Make Your Apartment Look Better on a Budget

decorate apartment cheap

Yes, some apartments can be rented for a relatively cheap price. But does that mean that you will settle with a cheap looking apartment? Even if you have the smallest of budgets, you can always make your apartment look as inviting as possible. Unless you're in still in college and barely making ends meet, you probably don't care about your apartment's comfort and looks. Actually, even if you're still a struggling student, you probably still care about your apartment's looks. This is why we've compiled some easy tips to make your apartment look better in a snap. Without having to shell out an awful lot of money!

Decorate with What You Already Have

This is definitely the cheapest way to decorate your apartment. Check out what you already have in stock and maybe head on over to Pinterest for some style ideas! Have lots of books/magazines? Why not frame some of your favorite pictures instead of just posting them directly to your wall. Frames are cheap and instantly make any room look put-together.

Flowers & Vases

Some flower shops will offer dirt-cheap prices for plants and flowers that are way past their prime. Check out any nearby flower shops and ask if they can strike a bargain with you. Say, every Wednesday, you buy a few bouquets from them if they sell their items for a low price. A lot of grocery chains also sell flowers for very cheap prices so you may want to look into this as well. And don't forget the farmer's market! And as for your vases, you can always get creative! Paint old glass bottles in the same color (white or black are both preferable for being neutral), ET voila, cheap vases! Mason jars are another great option so you can recycle these holders when they're not used for flowers.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Don't ever clutter your floor! Once you do, your apartment will definitely look a hundred bucks cheaper. No, there aren't any studies backing that up but the thing is that a clutter-free space is easier to navigate. Not to mention easier on the eyes as well! So if you have a lot of stuff, buy those big cardboard boxes and cover those with your fabric of choice. This is a cheap and creative storage solution for when you don't have either the money or the space for a new cabinet.


No, we're not talking about THAT. We're talking about accents or decorative pieces for your apartment. Think pillow covers that add a touch of elegance to any room. Scented candles are also a great way to accessorize without going over budget. If you think that accessorizing is beneath you, think again! Having a set of vanilla candles (or whatever you think is more romantic, like, chocolate scented candles!) is a great way to impress a date or a girlfriend. Not to mention that these little babies can make your apartment's atmosphere a whole lot different - in a good way!

A Corbel

A corbel is a great way to add pizzazz to your walls. Especially if you have a lot of wall space, maximizing it would add to the luxurious feel of your apartment. A corbel can be a small piece of wall décor wherein you can plop a small vase or whatever you fancy. It can make your wall look more interesting and you can even use it as a place to put your keys on or whatever you tend to misplace all the time!


Strategically placed mirrors are definitely going to help widen up your space. If you have a tiny apartment in your hands, instead of using different picture frames, why not go for framed mirrors? Small frames with mirrors inside of them instead of photos will create a very artsy effect while making your space look wider at the same time. Not to mention that guests will appreciate your mirrors since they can check out themselves while being discreet.

Now that you have a very comfortable apartment, why not put your feet up for a bit and enjoy a film while you're at it? And enjoy the fact that you're probably living a much more comfortable life as opposed to people who live in bigger cities and pay higher rent for teeny tiny apartments.

If you have any questions, please ask below!