How to Make The Most Out of Your Small Home

too many people in a houseHow are you supposed to think outside the box, when you live in a box? There are people who live in smaller homes, because they want to be frugal and practical, there are others who live tight because they have to, and there are also those who live in normal flats, but always need more space. My grandmother used to say that one of the worst things about our generation is the fact that “we live in houses on top of houses” and no one has a proper basement, attic, garage and garden anymore. Despite what group you fall into, if you feel like you can make use of more space these tips might help you feel better in your home.

Moving from a Large Place to a Small One.

That’s a tough one. Relocations are usually nasty as they are, but most people move, because their current home is too small for all members, thus a bigger house is in order. However, what do you do when you have to adjust to life in a tinier place? One of the first things you need to start with is the removal of some items you don’t use on a regular basis. If you don’t use it, you can go without it. Be realistic when you plan your relocation and be ready to let go. If you think about it you pay a removal company to move your furniture, later you struggle unpacking it and finding it a proper place and then you end up not using it and paying someone to dispose it for you. Save money by taking only what you need. Go visit the future property a few times before you move, just so you can get used to the idea that you will live in a smaller house/apartment.

Design With Intent

  • Use multifunctional furniture. This will save you a lot of space and a lot of money. If you need working desk and a dining table, find a desk, or a multifunctional table that will do both. After all you will probably be either working or eating, not doing both at the same time.

Beautiful Multifunctional Furniture

  • Use room dividers-They come in a lot of shapes and sizes and serve one single purpose-to divide a small space and make you feel better. Living a long time in a single room where you cook, bathe, sleep, work, study and invite guests could feel very limited.

How To Live in a Tight Place

For this reasons a divider like this could help a great deal and make a huge difference. For room dividers you can use curtains, shelves and even freestanding vertical gardens which will add constant freshness to your tiny space. You can find more dazzling examples of room dividers here.

Green Walls as Room Dividers

  • Paint your home in natural, light and breezy colours - colours have an effect on our moods and perceptions for this reason if picked well, they could make a small room appear larger and brighter. You can read more on colour psychology and how to use it to your advantage.

Small Kitchen in Blue

  • Place mirrors and windows at strategic places. A mirror just above your sofa will add depth to your room just like a window in a narrow hallway, or bathroom makes it look a lot bigger and brighter.

Further Useful Advice

Andrew and Gabriella Morrisson built their tiny home for 4 months and it cost them around $22,000. All about their house on wheels, you can read here, where Andrew explains in a short video how they laid out their home and all the little tricks they used to optimize every inch of space!

Small House on Wheels

Maintain The Order

1. De-clutter everyday. If you put everything on its place, your house won't be swamped with stuff and this will create the illusion of more space. The problem of having a lot of stuff and not enough space to store it, is not uncommon. The truth, however is, that you probably don't even need half of it. You don't need it, because you don't even use it most of the time. You keep it for some reason, but barely use it on purpose. Keeping paper trail is also not the best solution. All the documents and paperwork, that swamps your tiny desk is something that creates pressure and a feeling that you have unfinished work. So for this reason:

2. Organize and Clean

  • Buy folders for all your papers. Keep the bank letters in one folder and all other bills, insurance documents, payment slips and important stuff in separate ones. Find out, how long you need to keep each and destroy them, afterwards. For instance, you don't need all your bank letters for the years to come. Destroy those older that an year or two. Even better, if you are techy, get yourself a scanner and upload everything on your computer in digital format.

Organized Home

  • Label everything. If you find it hard to organize your home, put labels on things. This way you will put everything where it belongs. Repeat after me: “There is no such thing as too many labels!”
  • Clean the home often. A clean house is a happy house, someone once said, but hear what I will tell you! A clean house is also a house that looks larger and fresh. When you clean, the home looks more spacious and much healthier.
  • Use multifunctional gadgets like this one. You have small kitchen? Let me introduce you to your new best friend:

Small Kitchen GadgetRemember, that even if you live in smaller home that hides a lot of benefits. It will teach you how to be more organized and how to clean more often, but you won't have to clean such a large area. In addition, with a smaller home you save from bills as heating and cooling are no longer such a problem.

Information was provided by Paul’s House Removals Melbourne.

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