How to Give a Modern Look to Your Kitchen

trendy-kitchenUber-modern kitchen appliances are all rage right now. The economy is unfortunately rough and so the total amount on renovations around the kitchen is just not affordable by everyone. You do not have to purchase new appliances like a stove or refrigerator for creating a modern vibe and giving a new look to your kitchen. A few thrifty and simple tips can bring a modern touch to your kitchen without breaking your bank.

Remove the Random Items

Anything that does not really match the rest of the kitchen should immediately be retired from creating a uniform look like an extra set of the hand towels, single butterfly on the wall etc. While ridding the kitchen from the sloppy and unappealing items, it can be given a new and cleaner look.

Take It to Top

If your kitchen wall cabinets do not meet the ceiling then you can try it for giving it that spectacular look. You can also add wood with the crown molding for achieving the heightened elegance.

Little Paint Would Help

Pick a small area or section of the kitchen and start painting it. Great areas for painting around the kitchen are the large window seals or cabinets. Not only this will give your kitchen an instant cool and refreshing vibe, but this new paint would appear fresh for more years. Try a darker shade of the paint so that it does not really show the dirt.

Replace the Small Accessories

Replacing small kitchen items like flour and sugar holders, dish drainer and other visible utensils with the faux steel accessories makes the kitchen sparkle instantly with an attractive look.

Let the Flow Meet Function

Replace the upper-cabinet wooden doors with the glass doors if the kitchen is feeling a little closed off. This would provide a visual and open transition look to the place.

Select a Color

Keep in mind that everything goes well when you accessorize and paint with a modern steel look; whether you prefer attention-grabbing and bright colors like orange or red, or something more comfortable and little laid back like hunter green. Once you have selected color, start collecting small decorations and accessories in this color. Decorations in set colors create a uniform and clean look which shows that the kitchen is fully functional, organized, yet attractive and fashionable.

Deck the Walls

For a fascinating flair, apply the best wall covering to the kitchen walls. Make sure whatever you choose is washable and durable.

Create Wall Art

Try using your favorite tiles for creating a backsplash installed from the countertop to ceiling. Get creative around your kitchen. You can even put area rugs on the wall for wall art. The Persian rugs look very beautiful when used as wall art. If you have one dull wall in your room, you can hang a Persian wall to wall carpet and see how it transforms the entire room.

Harmonize with Window blinds

Another excellent and smart tip here is to use window blinds that go well with the color scheme of your rug on the floor as well as with the décor or theme of your house. This creates a harmonizing effect all over the room.

Keep It Clean

Strewn dishes all over the kitchen counters and dirty appliances make a kitchen seem worse. You can work with what you have got. Keep the kitchen shining and clean for a good look and good hygiene.

Decorate Lightly

It may be a little tempting you to cover your attractive and new kitchen with the cutesy wall hangings, but it takes just a few hours in over-decorating a kitchen. This is the only place in the home where you make and serve the food so do not over-decorate the place. Heavily decorating the kitchen would make the place appear more cluttered and much smaller than it really is. The general rule for decorating the kitchens is to just limit the decoration items to 1 item per 5 sq. feet of the wall space.

Make these small changes in your kitchen and you would notice a modern and pleasant change in the entire look of the place.

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