How to Freshen Up A Tired Kitchen


The kitchen is quite often the hub of any home. It’s somewhere we cook together, we eat with our family and friends, and where we spend a considerable amount of time. If your kitchen is looking a little tired, there is no reason to replace it with a brand-new design, which can cost a considerable amount of money. Renovation may simply not be an option for your current kitchen; it can reach into the $1000’s for a complete rehaul of your space, as well as weeks of alterations which can seriously disrupt home life. To avoid the stress and expense of renovation work, you might instead need to perform a little DIY to give your old kitchen a new lease of life. Find out how to freshen up your tired kitchen cabinets and décor.

Install Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Many people install a brand-new kitchen to create an interior design that has the wow factor, but you can transform your style by installing new kitchen cabinet lighting. LED tape lighting can be the ideal solution for a kitchen, as there is no heavy, bulky, and harsh incandescent lighting, which can detract from your décor. They’re also incredibly simple to use, as there is no hard wiring. Just use the adhesive back to add them under your cabinets before plugging them in. You can then control the lighting either with your mobile device or remote control.

Add Brass Fixtures

Brass is back, and it can look more beautiful than ever in your kitchen. Rather than opting for dull nickel or outdated stainless steel, you can add a touch of sophistication and opulence to your kitchen by adding brass fixtures. The elegant handles and knobs can perfectly complement cream-colored wood, as they can create a gentle contrast that can create a stunning interior design.

Apply Elegant Crown Molding

Do you have dead spaces at the top of your kitchen cabinets? You can eliminate dust and elevate the cabinet design by adding crown molding. It can add a touch of luxury and grandeur into the interior design, so can transform the look and feel of the kitchen. You should never add molding directly onto your kitchen cabinet, however. Simply attach the crown molding onto a 1 x 1 board framework, before attaching it onto the top of your cabinetry.

Go Black with Milk Paint

Do you want to restore your black kitchen cabinets? If so, you must choose the right black paint, as some paints can be a little unforgiving, because they can highlight every flaw in the cabinet wood and show up every brush stroke. However, black cabinets can look stunning when painted well with the help of Real Milk Paint. If you want to spruce up your kitchen cabinets, you should find the best black milk paint, as it can be painted on smoothly with minimal brush marks.

Try a Stylish New Backsplash

Once you have painted your old kitchen cabinets, you should consider adding a new backsplash into the design. A new color or design could potentially give your once dull kitchen a brand-new, stylish look that will impress your guests. In fact, it could look so different that they will believe you’ve installed a new kitchen from scratch. It’s a simple and affordable way to renovate your décor.

Add Extra Storage

Storage may be one of the ways you feel your kitchen lets you down currently. While there may not be enough space to add more cabinets and storage solutions, there is the option of adapting your current cabinets to hold more handy kitchen items. For example, you can fix a plastic shoe holder onto the inside of the cabinet doors where you store items such as spices and condiments. There is also the option of attaching metal baskets to the underside of your wall cabinets where you can store crockery and cups.

A Brand-New Color

One quick and affordable way to update your kitchen is to choose a new décor color. When choosing a new paint, be sure to buy one which will withstand any watermarks and humidity which may occur during long cooking sessions. If you choose to paint your current ceramic tiles a new color, it’s important to clean the tiles first, sand them lightly before applying a primer and an epoxy formula paint. Epoxy paint offers more durability, especially if you are painting tiles around the kitchen sink or the floor. Key colors for 2018 include Pantone’s color of the year, ultraviolet, as well as bright pastel colors to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy as you cook and spend time socializing.

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