How to Ensure Safety of your Pets around the Fireplace?

FireplaceFireplaces pose as one of the most preferred amenities for buyers on the lookout for a new home. Apart from making the winter comfortable, they also add a touch of architectural vitality to the house. Nothing can be compared to being cosy around a fireplace on a chilly night.

Without a doubt, our pets also love to snuggle up in front of the hearth on a cold day.

But if you allow your pets close to the fireplace, you need to take up some safety precautions to keep them protected while they do so.

Pets are usually quite active and may get injured in the blink of an eye and thus, you need to be extremely careful while you allow them close to the heart.

Here are a few safety measures you can take up to protect your baby from fire.

Use a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens are one of the best ways to enjoy the warmth of a fire and remain safe at the same time. A wonderful addition to the fireplace hearth, they are available in different shapes, colours, sizes as well as finishing. Though they are chiefly added for safety reasons, you can rest assured of the fact that it would add up to the aesthetics of your room.

The prime function of the fireplace screen is to prevent the embers and ash from blowing into the room in case there is a down drift. The embers have the potential to create a fire causing substantial damage. Apart from this, usage of the fireplace screen will also stop your pets from falling into the fire. They are helpful in keeping your pets as well as children away from the fire.

Train Your Pet to Stay Away from Fire

Just like kids, pets may not know that fires and fireplaces are dangerous and in case they go too close to it, they may get harmed. Help your pet understand that the fireplaces are not exactly safe areas. Establish boundaries even if there is no active fire in the fireplace. Make sure that they never play in the room you have a fireplace in and you can also consider rewarding them for being in rooms far away from the fireplace.

Supervise if Your Pet is Close to Fire

Supervision tops the list when your small friend is sharing the room with your fireplace. Don't leave them by the fireplace unattended. If you have to leave the room for some work, make sure your furry friend is accompanying you. Even if your fireplace has glass doors or meshes installed, they can harm themselves by coming in close contact with these surfaces.

Remember that even if you have trained them to remain away from the fireplace when a fire is going, they may forget the restrictions, and go close to the fire for more warmth. Just as we love being cosy around a fire, they also love the warmth that is spread by a glowing fire.

Keep the Area around the Fireplace Clear

Make sure you are not keeping anything flammable close to the fireplace. Avoid keeping the toys or your pet blanket close to the fireplace. In case you keep these items close to the hearth, your small friend may go close to the fire.

Avoid Using the Fireplace Mantels

The fireplace mantels originated in the medieval period. They are still used in several houses though the purpose behind the usage has undergone significant changes. If you have pets, think again before you start using the fireplace mantels. No doubt, they look beautiful but they are quite dangerous for your pet. You need to be more careful if you have cats.

Avoid draping the mantel with lights, garlands or other decorative items. Your pet may get into a playful mood seeing them, getting themselves hurt in the process.

Pets, as you know, are quite smart. If you can train them properly, you need not be afraid. Just make sure you are close if you have a fire going in the fireplace. Also remember not to stock anything flammable near the fire and observe the general safety precautions like getting your chimney cleaned at least once a year and keeping a fire extinguisher handy.


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