How to Elevate the Home Security Factor?

home-security-systemsHome is one thing which each and every individual want to be as secure as possible, as it is the place where the family and kids live and share a myriad of worth remembering moments together. But due to the augmentation that is taking place in the rate of burglaries and other activities, the security of the home is always under threat. Do you also desire to keep your dwelling safe from the advent of any intruder? A little attention and a smart strategy are all one need to keep the bad elements at bay. To help the readers in elevating the quotient of home security, here are some of the easy to implement yet effective tips. Have a look and make use of them to keep your loved ones safe and protected:

Strategise like a burglar

Burglars are the only threat to your home. Therefore if you want to protect your home from a burglar, just step into his shoe. While you assume the role of a burglar, take a quick round of the home and think of the locations from where one can step into the house and then what all sorts of chaos one can create. Such kind of a study will aid in analyzing the loopholes in the security measures taken for the home. Once any sort of weakness is found, one can work upon it and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Use of kick proof door

The common thing done by the burglars to seek entry into the home is by kicking the door. But only hollow doors provide such kind of convenient entry. If the doors are built with materials such as steel, fiber glass or solid wood, there are lesser chances of these doors breaking just with a kick by the burglar. For added security one can also make use of the deadbolt locks for the main doors. You may take the help of local locksmith in Brentwood, Antioch, Franklin, Nashville or any other area. Also, the main doors should not have any kind of glass near the knobs of the door, as the glasses can be easily broken by the burglars to step in.

Don’t let the world know that you are not at home

The home becomes 10 times more prone to the acts of burglary once it is perceived by the robbers as an empty house. Hence, before leaving for a holiday, the ringer of the telephone must be kept down, so that the burglars can’t smell that no one is home to pick the calls. These days the social networking site plays a great role. As a preventive measure, never makes any changes in your status regarding your upcoming holiday. As such a status can act as a lavish invitation for the burglars to come and have a tea when you are out on a holiday. Also keep the home lighted and let some music buzz around to create an illusion that someone is inside the home.

Keep the garage secure

Many studies have indicated that the garage provides the easy access to the intruder to jump inside the home premises. Thus keeping the garage secured and closed must be at the top in the list of priorities. To add another dimension of security one can make use of the C-clamp lock for the garage doors.

Avoid the spring latch locks

The spring latch locks are prone to be broken easily by making use of a simple thing like a credit card. Once the credit card is inserted into the lock, the lock opens immediately. In case one has the spring latch lock and do not feel like replacing it, one can make use of the deadbolt locks, over the latch locks.

Sliding doors

A wooden piece must be placed in the glass track of the sliding doors once they are closed as well as locked from inside. The wooden piece prevents the break-ins in the event when the lock of the door had compromised.

Motion detector lights

The motion detector lights at the entrance play a crucial role in securing the home from the acts of burglary. Even if you are sleeping at night, make sure to leave a few lights lighted to give an impression to the robber that someone inside is still awake.

Trim the high trees and bushes

Having a lush green cover in the garden area is certainly a good thing to do, but what is this cover act as a cushion for the intruders? Thus one should abstain from keeping high bushes and trees in and around the house, as the tall grasses act as a place where the burglars can hide when they are planning an escape route from the house. Thus always keep the height of the trees as well as the bushes in a prescribed limit.

The bottom line which emerges is that keeping the home safe from burglars is not just about spending like a spendthrift; the key lies in acting smartly and making use of certain preventive measures. Home security is all about thinking!!

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