How to Easily and Safely Enter and Exit Your Loft

loftA lot of homes have lofts and most people use these lofts for their storage. Interestingly, however, most people access their lofts by getting some old stepladders out of their garage, often scraping the walls while carrying it to their loft entrance, and then lifting themselves up. There are even people who access their loft by balancing on a chair!

The reality is that it can be very dangerous to enter or exit a loft if you don't do it properly. You can be seriously injured if you fall. In fact, falls are still the most common reason for accidents in the home. Stepladders are incredibly inconvenient and they simply do not give you the protection you need. What you should get instead is loft ladders.

All about Loft Ladders

Loft ladders are very affordable and very easy to install. They are convenient to use and, more important than anything, they ensure you can enter and exit your loft in safety. When not in use, they simply slide up into the loft itself where they are stored, which means they don't take up space either, nor do you have to store them in an inconvenient location. They are simply there, ready for when you want to use them. All you do is open your hatch and slide down your ladder and you're good to go.

Usually, these ladders are made of either wood or aluminum. Aluminum models are usually the cheapest, because the material is so easy to access. However, whether they are wood or aluminum, they are made to last for years. Usually, they can carry a load of up to 100kg. This means you do have to make sure that you consider your own weight when lifting anything up. If you are heavy, or if you have heavy belongings, make sure that you purchase a ladder that is designed to carry heavier loads.

Wooden, or timber, loft ladders have a couple of advantages. First of all, they don't get very cold, which can be important during the winter. Most lofts don't have heating, and aluminum ladders can become uncomfortably cold. Additionally, they tend to not be as noisy when being lowered or raised. Of course, if you don't use your loft all that often, then these issues are perhaps not as important, in which case it is likely that you will choose aluminum models simply because they are more affordable.

Installing the ladders is very easy and you only need moderate DIY skills to do it. It should take you no more than an hour or two to have them in place, and they will come with all the necessary instructions. However, if you don't feel your DIY skills are good enough or you are unsure in any other way, then most loft ladder merchants will also offer an installation service at a nominal fee. Alternatively, you could find a handyman who will likely be more than happy to complete the installation for you.

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