How to Decorate with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020

Whether you’re a home design enthusiast or a painting and decorating expert, you’re probably familiar with the U.S. firm Pantone LLC. Based in New Jersey and renowned for its proprietary colour-matching technology, this firm has been at the forefront of the professional decorating space for years now.

Since 2000, the Pantone Colour Institute has also declared a carefully selected ‘Colour of the Year’, following secret meeting in a European capital that’s attended by representatives from various nations’ colour standard groups. After two days of sustained debate and discussion, a colour is selected for the following year and unveiled the following summer.

For many people in the interior design industry, the release of Pantones Colour of the Year is always a highly anticipated one. Not only will this colour take the interior world by storm, but it’s also something you’re going to see more and more as we make our way into 2020. From complimentary decorative touches to the colour itself, continue reading to find out all you need to know about Classic Blue, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020.

About Classic Blue

Pantone have chosen their next Colour of the Year and this year they’ve chosen Classic Blue. Classic Blue is a colour known to symbolise protection, stability, peace and confidence, which many people will want to incorporate into their own interiors. This deep colour encourages lots of deep thinking, open mindfulness and communication, which makes it a great choice for Pantone to go with.

Complementary Décor Touches

For many people, the Classic Blue colour choice is going to be easier to introduce to the walls or cabinets within the living areas and kitchen, as it may be harder to find decorative touches in the same colourway. With this in mind, if you are opting for deep Classic Blue kitchen cabinets or a bold focal wall in this tone, then there are lots of stylish decorative touches that you can add to the room to complement the Colour of the Year. One of the best colours that will complement the Classic Blue tone beautifully is gold. Any decorative touches in gold will instantly bring the space to life and complete the whole look perfectly. Simple touches like these bras electrical components will look really good when added to a Classic Blue wall.

Bold in Blue

Decorating with the Pantone Classic Blue is going to be really fun and exciting. There are some gorgeous interior styles that have incorporated the Classic Blue tone and the result is outstanding. From switching up the kitchen cabinets, entranceway walls or even the back wall of your kitchen, you can create a huge burst of colour within your home whilst staying on trend. This particular shade of blue is really easy to mix with other colours, with a cool yet inviting finish creating a fresh and welcoming atmosphere within the home. You can find some great inspiration here with loads of interior styles boasting their Classic Blue features to help inspire you with your own home.

Subtle Touches

For those who are still wanting to add the Classic Blue to their interiors but without making many drastic changes to the existing décor, you’ll find that there are some beautiful decorative touches available in blue that you can invest in. From stylish scatter cushions, thick throws and cosy blankets, to blue bar stools, artwork and even a rug, you can bring the Colour of the Year to your home without breaking the bank. The subtle touches will really help add a touch of character to your home, whilst enhancing the existing décor and creating a unique look that will stay on trend for many years to come.

The Last Word

Whilst Pantone has often earned criticism following the selection of its colour of the year, the selection of Classic Blue has been well-received by both design professionals and home-owners across the globe.

The reason for this is simple; as Classic Blue remains a malleable and accessible tone that can be used in an array of different applications. It also represents a viable choice both as a primary and a supporting colour, whether it dashes your interior walls or is applied in the form of cushions, throws and chair covers.

With this in mind, Pantone may not be the only ones embracing Classic Blue as the colour of the year in 2020!

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