How to Create an Accent Wall?

cfdewqdwAre you willing to make your room more attractive, giving new appearance? If yes, you can try out accent walls. It adds a focus to the room make it more attractive and remarkable. An accent wall is considered a perfect which makes your room attractive. It is mostly effectual for room deprived of much architectural attention. To make your residence more magnificent with the accent wall you do not have to estimate much budget. You only should make it noticeable from the other walls in an outstanding manner.

If you are really interested in creating an accent wall follow the point mentioned below:

  1. Paint

One of the easiest ways to make accent wall is to paint it with varieties of colors, unlike the one that you employed in another room. Accent walls can be perfect for bold paint colors which overcome while using them for each wall. Additionally, you can pick up bright or deep color as per your wish.

To make an accent wall pleasurable, you can employ chalkboard paint and beautify the wall with your personal chalked design. You can assemble your personal convention color to create chalkboard paint.

  1. Vintage wallpaper

When you do not use patterned wallpaper on each wall, remarkable wallpaper creates outstanding accent walls. It is a better approach to put in vintage wallpaper within your space. Additionally, it might be difficult to discover sufficient to work on all the rooms, but limited bolt is adequate for a distinct wall.

  1. Fabric wallpaper

If you are staying in a rental property and not permitted to paint, then fabric can be ideal to create an accent wall. To create an accent wall through fabric, cut the fabric into panels, and then attach it to walls with fluid starch. After it is dried, start to operate as a glue to take the fabric in place, but does not depart any undying filtrate while removing the fabric. Now, you should wash the wall with a small piece of soap and water.

When deciding on patterned fabrics ensure to line up the pattern which is known as replicate transversely complete wall for proficiently installed appearance. Moreover, if the pattern does not line up, it represents the eye in a negative manner. Make sure you take more time to discover the correct one.

  1. Pick up a color

Mostly, accent walls are considered as the center of attraction of space, so better pick up color smartly. You can employ bold colors as it is essential to include that color in the room employing arts, garnishes and a beautiful and large carpet. Additionally, better pick up the paint which contains a great sparkle level or which is shinier to make the wall more attractive and appealing.

  1. Gallery wall

To make accent walls, deprived of changing the end of the wall, hang a great art alliance to develop a fine gallery wall. For an assorted collected appearance, decide on an art grouping which counts random combination of pieces of different medium, size, shape and frame style. If you desire for neat appearance, then attempt matching frames in a multiple row grid for impressive results.

Wrapping Up,

I hope now you got some idea to create an accent wall. These accent walls act as a center of focus to your room, leaving a remarkable effect in your space. If you have any problem on that you can call painting and decorating company.


If you have any questions, please ask below!