How to Create a Calmer Christmas with Your Trusty Conservatory

ConservatoryChristmas is always guaranteed to be two things: stressful and messy. No matter how exciting, dreamy or downright bizarre your holidays prove to be, it just wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't emotionally draining and didn't leave a pile of mess to clear up afterwards.

Which is fine-it's all part of the fun you say. But you don't need to get bogged down in shreds of wrapping paper and the aftermath of Christmas dinner. You can make your life much easier by making better use of your space-and if you have a conservatory, you're on to a winner.

The perfect dinner setting

The obvious idea is to have Christmas dinner in the conservatory so the chef and guests alike can enjoy their own space until every part of the table is laid. People hate to feel like they're in the way and Christmas cooks certainly doesn't want to dance around the family with hot dishes as they serve up. While it's a nice touch to separate the dining experience from the sitting room environment and keep things running smoothly.

Besides that, a well decorated conservatory lets plenty of light in and-if you've been good enough this year to deserve a white Christmas-a perfect view of the snow outside.

Turn your conservatory into a games room

What better place for uncle Jim to show himself up than the family home at Christmas-and a session of festive drinking games will set things in motion. Your conservatory makes a fine venue; far easier to clean than the soft living room carpets, which means you don't have to worry so much about those inevitable spills.

That's not to say all Christmas games have to come with a drink in one hand (or both). Charades give arms a thousand other uses and never fail to make the family festivities that extra bit more awkward than they already were. And if things get out of line (which is fine; it's Christmas) you can settle things like adults and put all that Xmas money on the line with some Texas Hold’em.

Wipe, rinse and repeat

The relative ease of cleaning your conservatory in little time is a massive bonus when Boxing Day comes around-especially if you have to do it all over again. The last thing you want to do is go through the heartache of clearing up the Christmas Day mess, only to repeat your sins all over again the following day.

And even if you escape the whole routine for a second day running, Christmas evening wasn't designed for getting stains out of carpets or dragging all the furniture back in place. Instead you can use your space more wisely and separate the chaos from the calm, with all the action in your conservatory and a relaxing end to the evening in the sitting room.

Don't have a conservatory yet?

If you don't have a conservatory yet then you'll have to wait another year to enjoy the seasonal benefits they come with. But home improvements aren't just about Christmas, of course. Conservatories come year round benefits and you can also add long-term value to your property. And you'll find the Christmas period is a great time to get yourself a deal on your new year conservatory or other home improvements.

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