How to choose and install french doors

You can add lightness and highly sophisticated charm to a room with a special type of door panels. And this is wood and glass french doors, where at least 80% of the area is occupied by glass inserts. The size of the glass can be different, as well as the door itself: one or more door panels, wide or narrow leaves, the presence of a fixed door, and the framing of stained glass. The choice of the model depends on the requirements for the strength of the structure and the interior of the room.

How to choose french doors

When choosing these products, remember that glass is a very fragile material and can easily break. Traditional French doors are made of wood, they are glazed over the entire panel, but not solid, but with wooden partitions. Wood makes a nice warm atmosphere, but has the property to absorb moisture, this is connected with the short life of panels made of this material. Therefore, in today’s world, French doors are made of fiberglass or aluminum, covered with veneer.

Deciding how to choose french doors, you need to handle this case very responsibly. Especially carefully select the material of the entrance door, because it is, above all, safe. During installation, you should pay attention to the fact that the panel closes well and doesn’t let in dust and noise.

Decide which room you need a door

The most harmonious products look in private country houses, where they are installed at the exit to the terrace, french patio, or balcony. They provide a beautiful view of the outside and give any interior extra “airiness” and lightness, especially when they are opened. With the help of a translucent door, it is convenient to divide the space into different zones: the room will be filled with light, and the harmony won’t be disturbed by massive structures.

Very relevant in small rooms. Because the main part of the partition is glass, the room visually looks larger and wider. It’s a smart choice for a bedroom or living room with a balcony adjacent to it. They will help to gain additional space if you use a sliding or folding mechanism for installation.

Determine the size of the door you need

Selecting the right size for interior wood and glass french doors allows you to solve several problems at once – to highlight the harmony of the interior, to add light to the room, and to provide a comfortable entrance and exit from the room.

Select the door color

The first thing to take into account when choosing is the style of the room because for everyone there is the most specific palette of shades. The second is the flooring orientation. It’s also worth taking into account the color of the furniture. Choosing a door of the same color as the furniture isn’t always a good idea – it’s better to take a couple of shades darker or lighter. If dark furniture is used in the rooms, such as wenge, for example, then it is better to choose a much lighter shade for the door panel, to avoid creating an excessively gloomy atmosphere.

Select the type of french door

The largest part of the construction of French doors is a glass panel, usually transparent. There are also the following french doors types:

Swinging. Ideal for spacious halls, easy to install, and elegant look. As for the style direction, then such a version will fit perfectly in a classic interior and in the romantic Provence, and in the original modern.

Sliding. This type is used in modern interiors. Looks original and classy. Designs allow you to save usable space, because they don’t need additional space to open the doors (unlike swinging doors). In this case, when opening, the panel easily slides sideways without making any noise.

Folding. This type opens and closes by folding like an accordion. This option also saves space by unobtrusively zoning the room. When folded, the model almost completely frees the aperture, which increases the convenience of its use.

Based on the location in the building products are also divided into entrance and interior. The first are made of fiberglass – a practical material that doesn’t swell, doesn’t change its shape under the influence of temperature, creates the necessary soundproofing, looks nice and modern.

The second are made of natural wood. Their location allows owners not to worry about the fact that in the future the wood can absorb moisture and deteriorate.

Popular styles of french doors

A classic interior will complement the tall and spacious designs, they will find their application in large and wide rooms, visually increasing the space even more. As for the other styles of french doors, the modern interior combines a minimum amount of detail and the maximum limit of functionality, so the sliding French systems will be a harmonious addition to it.

How to install french doors

Before, how to install french doors, make sure you have a measuring tape, silicone gaskets, adjusting washers, screws, a screwdriver, insulation, paint, and a brush. The sequence of actions:

Measure the doorway.

Prepare the aperture. If there is an old panel in this place, it must be removed. Seal the floor and all gaps from the old construction.

Install so that the plumb line is from the inner wall.

Use gaskets if necessary.

Check if the door fits straight or not.

Existing gap between the frame and the door can be filled with fiberglass insulation.

Then fasten the other doors with screws. Install the door hardware, then the interior and exterior moldings.

French door sizes

For French glazing, there are typical french door dimensions that will fit most doorways. It is considered the width is 183-185 cm and the height is 203-205 cm. Although today there is still an increase in the width of the aperture for French glazing from 150-245 cm – this is due to a variety of layouts in homes and apartments.

It is important to determine the size of your doorway according to standard french door sizes. Then decide if you can buy panels, or you will order them according to individual parameters.

Final words

The French door serves as a refined decoration for any interior, giving it sophistication and elegance. Thanks to the unique exterior, оa huge number of glasses, it perfectly transmits light, looks weightless, and “lightens” the design of the room. The abundance of simple, colored, or stained glass allows you to show refined taste in different styles of design: loft, neoclassic, modern, Provence, country, etc.

Installing french doors is a great possibility to maximize the space between separate rooms. When the door is open, it visually combines the rooms into a single space.

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