How to Boost the Value of Your Home through Practical House Chores

It is impractical to hire contractors when remodeling your home especially when the real estate market is still in the process of rehabilitation. The following is a list of ways to boost the value of your home that you can do on your own:

Improve the Landscape


The first things that people usually notice when looking at your home is how clean and great it looks even before they step inside your property. Improve your landscape by cleaning up your yard, trim bushes, pull weeds and prune trees that usually cover the natural beauty of your home from afar. If your yard looks bare, plant some flowers or bushes that easily grow in your area. These plants are usually low maintenance thus will only require occasional watering. Do this also in your backyard and if you are in need of restoration services for your stone areas, you can call on a service provider in your area. That’s it!

Refresh the Paint

Attractive young adult couple painting interior wall of house.

It is not necessary to repaint when all you have to do is clean up stains of mold and mildew off from all surfaces of your house. A power washer or soapy solution and bristle brush would do the trick, and even cheaper compared to paints. In areas where the paint has faded, you can apply a single coat of paint to freshen the exteriors or walls of your home. The front door should be freshened up as well.

Refurnish Interiors


If your interior has scratches or nail holes, you can patch them up and when necessary do a repaint. Make sure that the color you choose for interior paint is not too bright, otherwise, it will not be pleasing to the eyes anymore. Neutral earth colors like tans and off-whites are preferred when painting the interiors too.

The color should also be smooth flowing, soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Lighter colors can usually make the space appear larger than it seems and will make the atmosphere feel airy, open, and comfortable.

Liven Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom


If you want to liven up your kitchen, start with the outdated cabinets simply measure their doors and buy new ones of the same size. There is no need to completely overhaul your cabinet and replacing it entirely. Alternatively, you can sand and refinish the doors with stain or paint and add accessories like towel racks and hooks, among other things.

Tile counters, shower and tub areas as well as floors must be thoroughly cleaned and bleached so it would look like new. Apply grout dyes that will accentuate the tile you currently have.

Polish any fixtures that are stainless steel and make them shine as if they were right from the box.

Save on Energy

Save Energy

Energy-efficient appliances should replace any outdated appliances that you have. This will significantly cut down energy consumption thus lowering your monthly bill in the long run. Single pane windows must be replaced by double pane to improve insulation and instead of abusing your air conditioner you can add ceiling fans to the list.

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