How long does water damage take to dry out?

To answer the question in simple words, water damage takes nearly 72 hours to dry out. But, it is just a matter of half an hour before the water starts causing damage to your property. Water damage is a hazardous thing that can be life-threatening and can as well destroy your property. So, it needs to be taken care of with immediate effect.

You are likely to help yourself out in such a deadly situation, but you might also need help from some professional. Therefore, calling out a professional company is the best solution that you can have.

Water damage brings in a lot of damage and the most dangerous being the formation of mold. Mold formation can not only be life-threatening but can cause immense damage to your property, which will ultimately involve you losing a lot of fortune.

You cannot just sit and allow the formation of mold. Step in immediately and do what is necessary. This is because even a small area damaged by water can be much more complicated and take lots of time to repair.

However large the area is, it can take up to 3 days to dry up, which is precisely 72 hours, but the water damage can take a lot more time to repair. So, to deal with tremendous water damage, all you need to do is follow the right protocols. Let us take a tour of the detailed process. Keep reading the article to know more:

What is the time span for water damage to get dry?

It is okay if you want to know just general statements related to damage restoration, but it will certainly not help you. To be more specific, the factor which is leading to such a terrible problem is what you need to find out. This will help you know the critical cause and thereby prevent water damage.

But also, sometimes, the reason behind your water damage can seem to be visible, but certain unseen factors can cause such a problem. And that is something that can compromise your safety, and you need to be aware of that. But certainly, if that is the case, you should immediately consult any water damage restoration company.

The time span for water damage to get repaired depends on many factors, but certainly, you can expect area exposure to moisture. To repair water damage, drying out is the first and foremost step you should look forward to.

The areas of your house that are mostly exposed to moisture take nearly five days to dry out. Sometimes, depending on the area coverage, it can take as minimal as two days, or else it can even go up to weeks.

The areas that are humid are likely to take a longer time to get dry, while an area that is saturated is expected to take less time. And it is only with the help of a professional that you will be able to speed up the drying process. This is because they make use of certain industrial tools.

Remember that drying out is just the first step in water damage. There are other steps too in dealing with water damage. But it is always better to call for some professional help. Now, let us go through some steps that will help you better understand the steps involved in water damage.

How to dry out water damage?

Precisely there are three different steps while you are trying to dry out water damage, and the first one is identifying the source. If you are able to identify the source, you will be able to stop it from causing any further water damage and even stop the additional water from entering the space.

The next step is the process of cleanup. The area must be evacuated, and pets and children must be kept out of the area. And make sure no electrical connections are there. The very next thing that you need to find out is whether the water that has caused the damage is dirty, contaminated, or clean.

  • If the damage has taken place with clean water, then there shouldn’t be any fear of health problems other than electrical risks.
  • Contaminated water can pose a threat not only to health but can even damage your property.

Know about the various drying methods

Once you get to know about the type of water that is causing the damage, it becomes easier for you to determine what’s next. There are three probable methods that can be used to dry out the areas under water damage. They are namely:

  • Dehumidifying
  • Fan
  • Air drying.

If you are having water damage in a very large area, it will be best to opt for all these three methods.

What is dehumidifying?

Dehumidifying is the method of air conditioning, with the help of which water can be dried out from a substantial area by maintaining the right amount of humidity. This is a method by which any odor from stagnant water can be removed, or the further growth of mildew can be prevented only by the extraction of water.

What if a fan method?

The method which helps in drying out water by blowing extensive air over a large area is known as a fan method. This helps in the quick drying of water, be it a large or small area.

What is air drying?

This is the process that involves quick drying out of the moisture along with the coatings by hot or dry air. With the help of this method, you can prevent any kind of rusting or corrosion that would be caused by abundant moisture on the surface.


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