Household Hacks – 6 Great Project Ideas for Handy Homeowners

Whether your goal is to increase the value of an investment property or to turn your house into a home for your growing family, there are plenty of DIY projects you can take on to improve your property. If you are not sure where to start, here are some modern home improvement project ideas worth considering.

1. Design Open Shelf Displays

Open shelves have grown as a home decor trend for both practical and aesthetic reasons. People are generally more conscious of what they place in an open storage area like a shelf as it is on public display and will always be in plain sight. Depending on your design tastes, going with the trend will leave your indoor environment feeling more open and airy. Incorporating open shelving into an area like your kitchen could help you to avoid accumulating clutter.

2. More Indoor Plants

From your green-enthusiast neighbors to the exquisitely edited photos of lifestyle blogger; the indoor plant trend has sprouted in popularity and grown into a popular home decor choice. With so many variants of succulents and minimal-care houseplants, you could curate an indoor garden without the constant need for maintenance. Some forgiving indoor plants you can start with are lush ficus plants, ferns or the notoriously hard-to-kill Zanzibar Gem. Keep your meals and home environment fresh with windowsill herbs like lemongrass, parsley or mint

3. Upgrade Your Security To A Smart Solution

Upgrading your home security to feel a stronger sense of privacy does not equate to spending a fortune on a hardcore surveillance system with bodyguards and hounds on standby all night. Investing in reliable smart security solutions like a Bluetooth doorlock will do the job. Thanks to Bluetooth and mobile technology, these modern, security features use digital passwords and pin codes rather than keys or access cards. Particularly suitable if you lease or AirBnB your property, you can safely monitor or update smart security systems from your smartphone even when you are off-site!

4. A Fresh Lick of Paint

A new paint job can work wonders for any home. If it’s been a while since your last paint job, you can either refresh your space by adding a new fresh coat or breathe some new life into your home with bold color changes! For example, if you have the traditional all-white kitchen, why not create some contrast by painting some areas a dark shade, or coloring your cabinets? From bright complementary colors to soft pastel tones you can create new feature walls, modernize your property’s aesthetic appeal and invoke a new mood, all through a simple paint job. The only hard part is choosing your color!

5. Install An Aquarium

A slightly more niche idea for advancing your home is installing a beautiful aquatic ecosystem complete with pet fish and water plants. A large-scale aquarium may not be ideal for an investment property but is an excellent addition to your own home. Children will be delighted by their new pets and creating a self-sustaining aquarium can be a gratifying home project!

If you are limited with your time and don’t think you’d be able to keep up with caring for aquatic pets and regularly cleaning and monitoring your tank and water levels, then this is probably not for you. Consider creating a custom terrarium with succulents, stones, seashells, and miniature figurines instead.

All of the above ideas are DIY friendly and achievable within one day. So, why not go with multiple, if not, all five ideas; you’ll be able to transform your property in a week or less!

If you have any questions, please ask below!