Home Décor Trend’s Rises and Downs for 2018

efwefweFor many people, this year is supposed to be a good time for a new start, since according to popular W Magazine that published predictions of Twitter’s favorite astrologers, at least the first three months of 2018 are favorable for changes.

For many people, this year is supposed to be a good time for a new start, since according to popular W magazine that published predictions of Twitter’s favorite astrologers, at least the first three months of 2018 are favorable for changes. Believe it or not, but if you consider renovation of your home, it makes sense to take the occasion and to do away with old-fashioned designs, while replacing them with hot décor. It is especially true for those people who are going to move and therefore need to decide what is worth taking along for arrangement of a comfortable environment in a new place. So, prior to searching for a moving company, learn some useful tips on home décor trends, both rising and going out of fashion.

Fill Your Kitchen with Colors

Based on Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, who was interviewed by Elle Décor, we need to say goodbye to monochrome color schemes in our kitchens. Yes, they are classic, especially when styled in white, but both designers and homeowners seem to run out of steam about them.

So, what is offered instead?

  • Kitchen cabinetry colored in green or blue. Designers fell in love with these colors in 2017, using them to complement other shades, for example, wood grains. In 2018, they are apparently going to continue with blues and greens as basic colors for cabinetry, and this looks fresh, elegant and crisp.
  • Violet kitchens. Since Pantone has declared UltraViolet as the color of the year for 2018, designers have been dreaming of applying this cool celestial shade of purple to kitchen walls, cabinetry, and accents. This looks bold, stylish and ritzy, and definitely, you should try some.
  • Countertops styled in dark. What a striking effect you can get by adding deep dark hues to a classic kitchen design! Dark hues of above-mentioned blue and violet, rust and slate shades or vibrant black tones are among the hottest for 2018, according to Elle Décor.
  • High contrast textures. They are exactly in line with this fashionable mix-and-match approach that brings more colors in our kitchen routine. Particularly, interior designer Donna Mondi offers contrasting marble textures for countertops to create a dramatic focal point.


Mix Metals

We are used to matching metal fixtures in our kitchens, bathrooms and other premises. Once you choose a stainless steel tap for your kitchen, then all other appliances and fixtures in the room just must come with the same steel finish. Isn’t it boring? Forget about the restrictions! According to a House & Home’s outgoing trends review, this year it is cooler to mix various metal finishes and to create fresh and unique combinations.

Now, you are officially allowed to mix copper, brass, steel and other metals in order to achieve a trendy eclectic look with a vivid personal touch. How to avoid pushing too hard and keep it stylish?

  • Choose a basic metal from those you like taking into account your room’s style (stainless still works fine for modern spaces, while bronze or brass is a good choice for classics).
  • Add one (preferable) or two complementing metals, for example, mixing warm and cool tones. Warm gold and brass radiate even more glamour when emphasized by cool silver or chrome, while by adding a touch of copper to a stainless steel design you will make the space more inviting and warm.
  • Follow your general color scheme, blending more of warm metals into warm shades of brown, yellow or red. Cool metallic finishes fit in cool tones like green, blue or violet.
  • Don’t lose your chance to combine polished and matte finishes, while experimenting with hotly mixed metallics – this is a great way to create a unique and showy space.

Decorate Walls with Images

Last year we decorated walls with letters and signs, while many conservative homeowners preferred leaving them blank at all – they would prefer time-honored paintings unless the latter were too old-fashioned. In 2018, both bare walls and letters are left behind the curve, giving way to more customized art walls created with the help of all kinds of images.

However, it is not enough to just pin a picture to the wall! If you want to be in tune with the time, come up with a unique DIY project like your own photo collection or carefully chosen art pieces arranged in an unhackneyed way to express your individual attitude.

If you have any questions, please ask below!