Guide to Decorating Your Room with Wall Stickers

gtgrtWall stickers can improve the look of your room by adding beautiful designs to the wall. The design is stick onto the wall making it look as if it is manually painted. Wall sticker is a good alternative to wallpaper which can be costly and troublesome to apply on the wall. It is the best solution if you feel that the room’s atmosphere is boring and need something to spice it up. It can be a source of inspiration and give you some motivations when you look at it.

It is very affordable to use wall stickers to decorate the room because you don’t have to hire a professional painter to paint a design on the wall. It can cost thousands of dollar to hire people to paint a painting on the wall but the wall stickers will only cost you a few dollars. It won’t create any mess on the wall because it does not involves the use of paint or paste. It does not leave any mark on the wall when you remove it. There is no need to use remover as when you are removing a wallpaper. When you don’t want to use it anymore, you simply peel it off and put it back on the liner sheet.

It is available in various designs to allow you to create the theme you want in your room. It allows you to add various kinds of styles to the room such as traditional, rustic, and contemporary. You can use wall stickers to decorate all kinds of rooms including nursery, office, living room and kitchen. The designs of the wall stickers are available in colorful paintings and quotation. It can be applied on various types of surfaces such as wood, stairs, wardrobe, glass and walls. It is free from toxic so it is safe to apply it manually for room decoration.


You can use your imagination and creativity when applying the wall stickers to create a theme for your room. The wall sticker will come in a liner sheet that contain various stickers that makes up the design. It is easy to apply the stickers on the wall. You just need to peel off each of the stickers and stick them on the wall. You will decide where to position the sticker to create your own design on the wall. Some wall sticker sheets will put numbers on the stickers so that you know in what sequence to stick the stickers in order to create the same design you see on the product description page.

For a large wall sticker, you should first position the entire sheet onto the desired position on the wall and slowly peel off the sticker from top to bottom. It is wrong to peel off the whole sticker at one time and stick it to the wall as there is a high chance that the sticker will not be smooth and show a lot of crinkles. You can ask your friend to help you hold one side of the decal while you smooth it out on the wall. The further down you peel off the decal, the easier it will be. You can stretch the decal downward slightly if you notice some bubbles.

The wall sticker is designed to be removable so that you will not have any problem in peeling it off and moving it to a different position on the wall. It will not tear away the paint on the wall when you peel it off. The sticker will be firmly applied on the wall with the same stickiness no matter how many times you peel it off.

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