Furniture Buying Ideas for Small Space

Standard Benches and Storage Benches

Wooden Benches are the latest trend. From plain wooden to cushioned models, an extensive range of benches are available in the market to meet your decor requirements. If you intend to get more storage areas with limited furniture sets in your house, you can opt for benches with storage space. Most Benches are efficiently designed to fill up an awkward corner or fit against any wall without occupying much space.

Two-seater sofas

It is about time to say goodbye to your old and conventional three-seater sofa and gift yourself a two-seater sofa instead. Most of us have started noticing at one point that the three-seater sofa never gets thoroughly utilised; one seat always stays vacant in that, but the 3-seater occupies a lot of space. On the other hand, 2-seater sofas get adequately used, and you can opt for one according to the design of your room. Furthermore, when you switch to 2-seaters, you will automatically save more floor space.

Coffee tables and nested stools

Over the past few years, the popularity of coffee tables with nested stools has been on the rise. What could have been better than placing a centre table nested with matching stools inside it? Whenever you have guests or need extra seating, slide out the hidden seats inside the table, and when not needed, they stay inside the coffee table without occupying additional space.

Mountable Wall desks

Standing and working is a unique office culture that is getting popular in many places. If you wish to try this at your home, then having a wall desk can be a great idea to work on your laptop for a brief time. You can also add a stool or a chair, and it transforms into your cosy nook working corner. These wall desks do not take any space on the floor, and once you close the horizontal desk board by moving it back to its vertical position, this furniture makes for neat wall decor.

Trundle beds

A unique way of accommodating a single guest or two kids in your smart home without occupying much area. This unique furniture is setting a new trend by marking their own space in the furniture business. At first glance, it might look like a standard single bed, but it opens up to offer another slider bed when required.

Three Tips for Small Spaces:

  • Maximise Vertical Space

If you can’t go wider on the floor area, go up! Get the maximum advantage of vertical space by tapping the utilised vertical storage area and get the added benefit of drawing the eye upward. Storage with minimal design or open shelving will let you feel your space is more open and less crowded.

  • Pick Multi-purpose Products

Small sleeper sofas, modular compartments, and multi-purpose storage options can be an excellent way to utilise the small space in your home. Not only do they serve a dual purpose in your current home, but the trendy style and modern design will keep giving your interior a fresh look for years.

  • Golden Rule

The furniture scale is an essential small space factor. You can adapt this golden rule by ensuring that an anchor piece of furniture (like a bed in your bedroom or a sofa in your living room) does not exceed two-thirds (horizontally) of the wall behind it.

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