Free & Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Ants

One of the tell tale signs of cold and wet weather are ant trails through your home because the little critters are seeking food and somewhere dry. As much as you think your home is a fortress against their entry, they’re likely to find the tiniest holes and can smell crumbs a mile away.

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The good thing about ants though is they're clean. Unlike other creepy crawlies, they do not leave droppings or eggs all over the place, but they do love food, sweet food. There's nothing worse than coming home to see a trail of ants flowing out of a fruit bowl or a crawling out of a container that's been left open a fraction.

When ants are inside the home, handling an infestation can be challenging. When it's somewhere you spend a lot of your time eating and sleeping amongst other things, the last thing you may want to do is use harsh chemicals. But the good thing is there are a number of DIY options you can try first before resorting to the heavier duty stuff.

Remove the food

The most common food that ants are attracted to are those high in sugars. If you have an ant infestation in your home, check to see if any of these types of foods are in reach and or are perhaps not properly stored. Living in a home with young children can also lead to higher a higher incidence of ant infestations because little people love to leave trails of crumbs and pieces of food lying in places you may not see. Try vacuuming more regularly and checking inconspicuous areas for any suprises your little one may have hidden for later.

natural pest control for ants

Talcum Powder

Good old talcum powder does a lot more than protect a baby's bottom. Talcum powder can be used as a natural ant control method by sprinkling it on areas around the house where the ants appear. Talcum powder is also effective by sprinkling it on the ant trails, it will then break up the trail and the ants will stop returning, they just don't like the stuff.

Cinnamon and Black Pepper

Like talcum powder, cinnamon and black pepper is also a natural method that ants seem to dislike. By sprinkling the spices where the ants appear and on their trails, it will soon break up the trails and the ants are likely to not reappear. When applying the spices and the talc, be sure the follow the trails all the way outside where possible because the outside is where the ants gain entry.

natural pest control for ants


This is a two-in-one ant control. Like the spices and talc powder, it acts as a deterrent, but at the same time it is also a great disinfectant. So while you're busy mopping your floors and cleaning your kitchen benches with a vinegar solution, you're actually laying down an ant deterrent at the same time.

But unfortunately natural DIY measures don't always work, especially if the infestation is substantial and the ants are persistent. In this case it's probably not a bad idea to consider professional pest control products that are especially developed to deal with these pesky pests. The thing with professional pest control products too is that they don’t just deal with the ants themselves, but have the ability to reach the nest which is the root of the problem. Professional pest control products also don’t mean harsh chemicals either, there are many natural and safe professional pest control products available.

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