Practical Improvements for Your Kitchen

luxury-kitchenIn this day and age of DIY, upkeep of your house is simpler than ever. Taking an old dingy room and brightening it up with a quick and easy fix is becoming just another trick of the homemaker. But there is one area where DIY could go either way: the heart of the home-the kitchen.

Admittedly, kitchen refurbishment might seem like a much bigger undertaking than just a few DIY tweaks, conjuring up images of endless construction and expensive, enormous. But what if you could improve your kitchen without the breaking the bank? We've come up with five smart and easy ideas to revamp the heart of your home.

The little things

Adding new cabinets can seem like a trial, so what about adding a fresh touch by changing the handles? A few kitchen accessories, if you use them wisely, can help you can make the old room new again.

Touches like kitchen stools or new work tops can add a vibrant touch and make your kitchen into a family hang-out, inexpensively. New cutlery and utensils can also make dinner that bit more fun.

A lick of paint

There are several ways to brighten up a kitchen, but the easiest is also the oldest trick in the book: add a splash of colour. Nothing brightens up a room and gives it a new lease on life likes a new coat of paint.

It's cheap, the whole family can help and it gives you chance to personalise. Kitchen cupboards and fittings can look similar from one home to the next, but adding a warm colour that speaks to you and your family can make that kitchen truly yours.


Yes, you know all about your blue bins and your green bins, but what about taking some of that recycling pile and converting it into some stylish and fun storage?

Is that an old, unused garden rake or a stylish rustic wineglass rack? That old CD rack collecting dust could become a handy drawer organiser or a letter or drying rack. Even a milk carton can become a handy dustpan with a bit of creative cutting. By using your inner artist, you can de-clutter your kitchen and revamp at the same time.

It's easy being green

If you are thinking of remodelling an old kitchen, then the smartest thing you could do is make your home a little bit more sensible. Replacing old kitchen appliances that rack up the bills, with newer, more stylish and more energy efficient ones may be the smartest thing you could do.

Not only will the new cooker or washing machine add a little flash, it'll also lighten the load on your wallet and the planet. If newer means greener, then bring on the change.


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. It's too easy for a kitchen to become a showroom for endless bits of unused kit, old cups and broken teapots without a home, as well as stacks of old date magazines and newspapers. One very easy way to spruce up your kitchen is by having a good old tidy.

Get rid of unused appliances and equipment, throw out scratched pans and clear out the cupboards. Think of clean, simple organising systems that can use space creatively and allow you to cook without any added stress.

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