Finding The Right Sofa To Suit You

It cannot be denied that a sofa is the centerpiece of any living room, and it has many responsibilities. Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be homely and comfortable.

Classic Shapes

Some classic sofa styles include Cabriole, Chesterfield, and Settee. These shapes would be ideal for those who want to create a traditional space. Each would ideally tie in cozy fireplaces, hanging lights, and classic lamps. Similarly, you might pair these styles with vintage rugs and cushions, bookcases, and traditional artwork.

Modern Shapes

Modern styles such as Mid-century, Daybeds, and Chaises are perfect for those who wish to create a unique and trendy space. Each of these sofa shapes would sit nicely in a clean-cut space with lots of marble, glass, and smooth wooden flooring. The colors should be neutral and complimentary of one another.

Transitional Shapes

Transitional sofas such as Lawson, Tuxedo, Camelback, and English Roll Arm allow for the consumer to tread the balance between classic and modern interior. These styles would be best suited to a neutral space with splashes of color here and there to tie the room together. Selecting the right transitional sofa can be stressful, but with the help of a sofa buying guide, you should be able to decide and buy with ease.

Leather Sofas

A leather sofa is seemingly a timeless choice, with a huge benefit of stain and scratch resistance. Leather is the easiest of the materials to clean since spills and spatters can simply be wiped away.

Polyester Sofas

A polyester sofas biggest strength is its ability to retain its shape. Similar to leather, it is also quite a stain-resistant material, although oil can easily soak into the fabric.

Acrylic Sofas

Ideally, acrylic would be used for outdoor sofas due to its resistance to dirt; it is easy to clean and quick to dry. However, if exposed to excessive heat, acrylic will begin to melt. Furthermore, acrylic may trigger allergic reactions within some individuals, so it is important to consider your family’s requirements upon purchase.

Linen Sofas

Of all the materials, linen is the most breathable and, arguably, the most comfortable. The covers are easily removed for cleaning. Despite this, the fibers are thin and therefore not as durable – not ideal for homes with pets. It must also be considered that not all linens are of equal quality – when buying ensure that there are not multiple tiny knots.

Velvet Sofas

The most luxurious of fabrics is certainly velvet, however, this luxury comes at a price, whilst the material itself can be an acquired taste. It is very unlikely that velvet will warp, mark, snag, or unravel. Furthermore, you must choose between synthetic and natural velvet; as a rule of thumb, synthetic velvet is very robust, whilst natural velvet is extremely vulnerable to sunlight and spillages.

Woolen Sofas

Wool is certainly a unique choice for sofa material, yet it is unbelievably durable and does not carry a static charge. Without a static charge, hairs will be unable to cling to your sofa, ensuring that it always looks neat. Despite this, wool needs to be dry cleaned, making it a rather high-maintenance choice.

PU Sofas

PU is often used as a glossy alternative to leather, with its natural elasticity and stain repellent nature. PU is certainly a cheaper alternative to leather, though, it is, unfortunately, less resilient. This may mean it requires replacement much sooner.


Choosing a sofa is certainly not an easy task, especially when the selection is so diversely broad. However, once you decide on the ambiance of your living room, it will doubtlessly narrow your choices and leave you with a stunning, cozy sofa.

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