Essential Pieces Of Furniture For The Living Room

There are certain pieces of furniture that every living room must have, such as the coffee table, sofa, and shelves. Although these pieces seem very traditional, you can still find unconventional furnishings with interesting shapes, colors, and designs.

Coffee Table

A living room wouldn’t be complete without a coffee table. This fixture is typically placed in the center of the sitting area. You can also place it next to your couch. This piece of furniture connects all the elements in your living room and it is also very functional. You can choose a traditional coffee table which is usually rectangular or oval in shape. If you have an upholstered ottoman, a traditional coffee table will accent it perfectly. But if you want to go for a more interesting look, you can consider the following.

  • Interactive Table: With today’s technology, even coffee tables are now interactive. Although this piece of furniture is quite expensive, a lot of people want to have one in their home. With this kind of fixture, you can easily entertain guests without stressing about how you can keep them occuppied. Your guests will definitely enjoy tweaking your interactive coffee table and they might even have a hard time resting their coffee mugs on it.
  • Coffee Table/Loveseat: Another option is getting a coffee table that also functions as a loveseat. There are coffee tables that unfold into a stylish and chic loveseat. This allows an extra seating in case you have more guests than what you have expected.

Corner Sofa

You must find the right sofa for your place. If you have a lot of space, you might want to consider getting a plush, leather sectional sofa that can enhance the interior decor of your living room. In addition, it also brings comfort to whoever sits on it. If you have a small living space, you can try getting a loveseat instead with a pullout cushion for more seating.

You can also get a corner sofa which is an excellent addition to your place. Although it is a huge fixture, its shape makes it easier to fit neatly in any space. It offers enough seating for a number of guests, and it is big enough to double as a sleeping area when your guests decide to sleepover.

Another option is the ottoman which is a very versatile piece of furniture. It has an upholstered seat, and it typically has no back or arms. It can be used as a seating area, or it as a stool or footstool. Some modern home design makes use of this fixture as a coffee table replacement.

Shelving Unit

Your living room area must also have functional and attractive shelving units. The shelves allow you to display accessories that can add aesthetic appeal to the room. In addition, it also allows you to showcase memorabilia or photographs to add personality and character into the room.

You can look for unconventional shelving units or bookshelves that can add visual appeal to your living space. Depending on your preferences and needs, there are shelves that can be installed onto the wall or shelves that rest on the floor. A wall unit can be multi-functional, and it is a practical option for those who have smaller or tight spaces.

You can also choose a unit with a built-in reading sofa which can give you an additional seating area where you can read or lounge around. There are also units that are supposed to be size-adjustable so that you can easily add or take away when you need to.

Kris Lim is a writer for Skaggs Furniture, a leading furniture store. She also writes for home improvement websites where she offers unconventional furniture tips and ideas.

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