Ergonomic Chairs Ideas For The Home Office

Home office chairsIf you are self-employed and work from home, the chances are that you spend a lot of your time perched in your office chair staring into a computer screen. Are you feeling the pressure in your back yet?

The posture you adopt whilst you work can have significant re-occurrences in later life. Clever manufacturers of office chairs realise that supporting your spine whilst in a seated position has lasting benefits and subsequently designed the ergonomic chair.

There are many types of ergonomic chair and no one design is suitable for everybody, so we thought we would put a list together that not only gives you some ideas of what type of chairs are available, but ergonomic chairs that have style.

Bonded Back Managers

Staples has a reasonable selection of ergonomic chairs that are suitable for the home office. Our favourite is this leather Baird back manager with adjustable height loop arms. Ideally, you should sit at 90 degree angles with your back upright and your elbows positioned at right-angles to your desk.

Aviator chairs

Among our favourite office chairs is the Aviator fromRobinson of England. Not only does it sound cool, the handcrafted leather seat and gilded frames give it a touch of panache that is highly desirable. We also like that it has no arms because we rest our wrists on the desk (at 90 degree angles) and chairs with arms dig into the funny bone of the elbow. Not comfy. The Aviator chair is and can be tailor-made to your exact measurements!

Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs are favourite design concept with office decorators and they don’t come more stylish than this Herman Miller aeron graphite edition. Fair enough it is a little pricey, but that’s what you expect from top-of-range designers that manufacture products to support your health. The back rest, height and arms are adjustable to suit your size and the durable material promises years of intensive use.

Executive Office Chairs

If you like the mesh style, but want something more in your price range, we recommend the Florida Executive Operator chair from Chair Office. The contemporary design features a aerated mesh cover to keep your back sweat-free and the tilt function allows you to recline when you need to adopt a “thinking” pose.

Ergohuman chairs

There is so much focus on adopting the correct posture at work these days that manufacturers have invented the Ergohuman office chair – a high-tech futuristic design that moulds into the human body regardless of your position. The chairs feature flex ones which support the back and lumbar regions and also come with an extended foot rest when you are having a moment.

You don’t realise the damage you are potentially causing your body until it is too late, and bad seating posture leads to all manner of aches and pains in later life, and even malformation when you are old. Protect your spine with an ergonomic chair now and you will be more active when you are older.

If you have any questions, please ask below!