Elements of Modern Living Room Furniture

modern living room furnitureModern style is all about two things: comfort and luxury. Modern living room furniture blends both attributes through the materials used in its design. Colors, fabrics, and even the shape of the furniture contribute to how a room feels, and contemporary households demand rooms that feel relaxing and visually interesting.

Updating Color

Contrast in color choices is a great way to make a statement. explains that one of the modern trends currently favored by interior designers is the addition of color. Bold, bright colors such as tangerine, turquoise, and pink are back in fashion. When designing your living room, you can be bold and choose a brightly colored sofa or chair to make a huge statement in your room. However, if that feels too over-the-top for your liking, the same colors can be added to a neutral colored sofa, like the stylish and timeless options of modern living room furniture found at Lumens, will brighten up the look and modernize your style without having to be concerned that your large piece of furniture will be outdated in a few years. Modern style allows you to be sensible and stylish at the same time.

Rich Feeling Fabrics

When your long day has finally come to an end, you want to relax. Modern living room furniture designers take relaxation into consideration when choosing the materials for their designs. Cotton and cotton blends remain a popular upholstery choice, especially for busy modern families, explains Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Cotton is durable and comfortable and blends stand up well to soil and wrinkling. Modern manufacturing techniques allow for fabrics like treated leather and microfiber to be produced - these fabrics have all the necessary attributes to make beautiful living room furnishings. Vinyl is a less expensive alternative to leather and it is commonly used in furniture making because high quality vinyl is very durable. Leather, cotton, vinyl and microfiber are both soft and durable as well as being beautiful, so at the end of the day, you can curl up in luxury.

Dark Finishes

A great way to modernize your space is to choose dark finishes on both metallic and wooden pieces. HGTV shows how wood trimmed sofa designs have been modernized with dark mahogany and even black lacer finishes that take a rustic living room from old fashioned country, to relaxing retreat. Dark finished chests add a chic solution to both style and utility, providing storage and table space.

Modern Shapes

Sleek is still chic in modern furniture. To provide a stark contrast to the curvy sculptural nature of modern lamp and shelving design, large furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, and ottomans are designed with straight lines, low backs, and low (or no) arms. Overstuffed, thick seats and back cushions are common to both sofas and chairs, enhancing comfort. Getting away from the traditional curved legs and arms on chairs and couches, modern styles use nub legs on couches and straight, seamless legs on chairs. Tufted and button accents are added to cushions to add style and interest to some pieces, whereas the most sleek of designs feature straight, taut cushions.

Extra Features

In the current furniture market, buyers look for furnishings that do double duty. A chair is no longer, simply a chair, and a sofa is no longer simply a sofa. Designers of modern living room furniture add features that make pieces multi-use, maximizing space and furniture budgets. L-shaped sofas are still popular, as are sofas that have built-in recliners, cup holders, and console style storage compartments in the arms to hold remote controls and the like. Chairs can also be found with hidden storage compartments. Coffee tables and ottomans with draws and storage spaces are also popular choices. Some modern sofa designs even offer the versatility of reversible cushions, as demonstrated by HGTV's living room design tips.

Form and function are the marks of contemporary design. Neutral, timeless colors are still popular for larger pieces like sofas and chairs, but accent pillows, art and rugs are being seen with more vibrant, statement making colors. Fashionable fabrics are both durable and comfortable with leather and microfiber being two of the most popular options in modern living room furniture. Finishes on wood and metals are dark and large pieces of furniture are designed with sleek lines that take up less space on the visual plane. Convenient features such as hidden storage compartments, recliner style backs and foot rests in sofas, and even cup holders are popular features of contemporary living room furniture design. When looking to purchase new pieces to update your living room space, look for fabrics, styles, and features that suit your space and needs. The current market offers an eclectic mix of modernity and timelessness that is sure to suit any taste.

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