Easy-to-Move Furniture That Will Make Moving Less Stressful

There are any number of reasons why people move. In fact, a whopping 60 percent of the U.S. population decides to pick up and move every year for reasons ranging from finding a better home and a new job to wanting a fresh start in life.

moving furniture

Regardless of the reasons involved, it’s clear this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Of course, younger people may be more likely to move over the years than older adults. That’s because many will move from their college dorm to a first apartment before moving into a rental home and then finally purchasing a property outright.

In order to make moving easier and less stressful — especially if it’s something you do frequently — it’s important to think ahead and purchase furniture that will be easy to move.

While you likely don’t have the means to buy a full suite of lightweight and easy-to-move furniture all at once, keep the following tips in mind for the types of furniture that should be on your radar when you decide to shop for new pieces:

A Simple-Yet-Comfy Mattress

One day, when you’re settled down and don’t anticipate moving for the next several years, you’ll want to get a gorgeous headboard and foot board for your bedroom. For now, though, it’s probably better to stay focused on a comfortable and supportive mattress that doesn’t require a box spring.

Thus, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may want to opt for acomfortable queen-sized mattress, a perfect choice for frequent movers. You can place this type of mattress on top of a lightweight platform bed or directly on the floor.

Either way, a basic mattress is much easier to move than some huge, cumbersome wooden bedroom set.

A Love Seat for the Living Room

You may dream of owning an enormous sectional sofa one day, where you and your buddies can gather to watch movies. But, until then, it’s probably best to stick with smaller sofas that are easy on the back when moving to a new place.

For instance, a love seat is large enough for two people to sit on and will feel right at home in living rooms of all sizes. A love seat is much lighter than a full-sized couch, and if you need more seating, you can always spring for easy-to-lift chairs — think butterfly chairs instead of overstuffed pieces — bean bags or a second love seat.

After purchasing your forever home, if the love seat is still going strong and you decide to finally opt for a sectional that’s big enough to have its own zip code, you can always find a place for the smaller sofa in a home office or guest room.

A Sleek Entertainment Center

Frequent movers don’t need some enormous armoire-style entertainment center; in fact, you’ll do much better with a simple media unit that features a few drawers underneath and a sleek surface to hold your TV.

Instead of a TV cabinet, the TV can perch on top of the piece while the drawers can be used for storing DVDs, game consoles and remote controls. When it’s time to move, it’ll be much easier to hoist a small stand into the moving van instead of trying to wedge a ginormous unit through the doors.

Small Bookcases

Someday you may want to have a wall devoted to a huge bookcase with tons of shelves and room for your books and knickknacks. For now, though, it’ll be much easier if you stick with smaller bookcases that feature a maximum of two or three shelves.

You can still place a number of these more petite bookcases next to each other to create the illusion of a larger piece. But when it comes time to move, you can place the books into small boxes — some books can be remarkably heavy — and then easily tote them to the moving van.

For Now, Keep it Lightweight and Portable

The time will come when you’re settled into your home and have no plans on moving anytime soon. When this day arrives, by all means treat yourself to whatever type of furniture you want.

But for now, try to shop for lightweight, small and easy-to-carry pieces that will save your back — and your sanity — when you decide to move.

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