Do a Proper Plumbing Inspection before Buying a New Home

If it is that time when you want to move out to a bigger and better home then try not to forget the essentials when you are checking out the new potential building. Perhaps the most important thing to really look into is how the plumbing was done so that you do not have to spend more than you had in mind for reparation, and in the worst case scenario complete piping replacement.

home-inspectionBefore even inspecting if it is worth your time ask the previous owner if they can help you with checking the plumbing, and if necessary call in professional plumbers so that they can point out eventual hazards and problematic areas. Of course, refusal to see the plumbing is a clear indication that something is afoot and you should consider looking into another home immediately.

Nobody expects the inspection

If the owners agree to show you around and that you have the freedom to check out the plumbing, then the first thing you should look for is the water shut-off valve and the water meter; to make sure that it shows the proper values and that everything is in order. The shut-off valve will be your best indicator if there are any leakages in the piping system anywhere in the house. You will have to shut off the water supply and inspect all the taps and other water sources in the home, ideally there should not be any water flowing anywhere.

Moreover, the pipes which are visible should be checked for corrosion and inspected, especially if they are older. Do not forget to check the conditions the pipes are in, if there are extreme changes of weather and heat or cold, then you will need to invest in pipe protection.

One of the major issues with plumbing is the water heater, and it is important to keep the heater in perfect condition, unless you have money to burn. Make sure to also check the capacity and whether there is any residue left at the bottom, as this will not only decrease how much water can be heated but it will also contaminate the water. And if you have children, this will be a major investment and might even make you reconsider the whole ordeal.

Remember the waste disposal as well

The waste disposal elements should be either connected to a septic tank treatment system, or ideally to a central disposal system, which will allow more flow and cleanliness in your home. However, if there is a septic tank, you will have to do a thorough inspection of not just the tank but also the soil around it; and if the readings show that the soil is too contaminated, it is better to look for another home. Remember that children are curious and that they will explore every nook and creak of your new house, so be careful that they do not end up where they should not.

Include the weather

Your plumbing is not only what you find in your home, it is also the main pipeline that runs underground, and you need to make sure that the elements and the weather will not damage it in any way, that is why it is important that you have a professional plumber come and check that as well. Furthermore, it is imperative that pipes running around the house and are in contact with the outside weather are well protected so that they do not break or contaminate the water in any way.

Well water systems

In some homes it is also a possibility that you can have wells and access to fresh water, however, this will come with a price as you will have to protect the well from the weather and secure it that your children do not accidentally fall in, or damage it in any way. Although you can inspect the well system alone, it is recommended that you have a professional take a look at it, so that you do not have any future issues with it.

Moreover, remember to insulate the pipes running from a well system properly so that they do not burst or break during winter when it is colder.

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