Designing a Bathroom for Him and Her

More homeowners are wanting to increase the size of their bathroom when sharing the space with their significant other. His and her bathrooms are an ideal option for those who want more elbow room when it comes to bathing or getting ready in the morning. To design a space that is updated and spacious, there are a few important trends and steps to follow for a transformed bathroom.

Hang Separate Mirrors

Make it easy to have your own separate space by hanging separate mirrors above each sink in the bathroom. Use a framed mirror to increase the aesthetics of the room and allow it to look professionally decorated. Although longer mirrors that cover the entire vanity are just as functional, a separate mirror above each sink makes the space look more designated to each person for a his and her bathroom.

Build a Spacious Shower

Remove an outdated bathtub and install a spacious walk-in shower that features multiple shower heads to create a bathroom that feels like a spa.Modern shower panels offer great range of features and add luxury look to your bathroom. This makes it easy for two people to bathe at the same time and still enjoy plenty of room in the shower without bumping into one another. Add custom shower doors that are specific to the size of the feature to enhance the quality of the space.

Additionally, the shower can include two separate storage areas to hold shampoo bottles or shaving tools without mixing his and her items that can make it difficult to find certain products while bathing.

Add a Two-Sided Vanity

Both people can maintain their morning ritual each morning by adding a two-sided vanity that allows each person to use separate space. Place the vanity in the middle of the room with two separate seating areas to ensure that each person can sit and do their hair or shave. The vanity should include an individual sink with various accessories to accommodate the needs of each person. Hang a hand towel on each side of the vanity for a separate space to dry your hands without sharing the same linen.

Install Extra Storage Options

Bathrooms that are used by at least two people will need to have extra storage options available for towels, toiletries, and beauty products that are used each day. This will make it easier to avoid getting into each other’s personal items while searching for hairspray or toilet paper. Install closed storage units that include closets and cupboards, which will make it easy to cut down on clutter and group like items together to make them easy to find.

Bathroom accessories are also essential to organize smaller items that are used. Add toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and tissue boxes to keep the bathroom looking beautiful and avoid detracting from the design of the room due to items that are left out.

Separate the Toilets

Most couples want to enjoy privacy when using the restroom when their partner is present, making separate toilet areas essential for a more functional setting. You can build two small rooms for each toilet with a door that offers extra discretion. Consider adding feminine tiles or color shades in the woman’s toilet area and masculine designs in the man’s personal toilet room for a customized style that is more personal. Wallpaper can also be applied for a design element that is easy to change in future years.

Use Two Separate Towel Hangers

Create a luxurious addition to a his and her bathroom with the use of two separate heated towel hangers. The product will allow each person to stay warm during the colder months of the year and will prevent towels from becoming mixed up once getting out of the shower. Place the towel hangers outside of the shower for an easy way of reaching for the item before stepping out to dry off.

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