Design Options in Epoxy Flooring


When you are undertaking an interior décor project, whether it is for your home, garage or any other commercial establishment, you will pay attention to a few important aspects such as the following:

  • Budgets
  • Colors
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance and
  • Availability of options when it comes to designs.

Given today's popularity of epoxy flooring it should come as no surprise that there are lots of design options in this area as well. It is rather interesting because epoxy has attained quite a bit of popularity because it is a durable material. It can be applied almost in any room and space. Furthermore, it looks delightfully smooth and shiny when it is done. So it definitely does give an instant facelift to any room or space.

Epoxy terrazzo

One can almost create a work of art when you look for terrazzo epoxy flooring. Brilliant colors, patterns and even customization of colors is all possible with this epoxy solution. These are ideal for indoor spaces which need to be dramatic. Of course, you can always go in for the solution even for outdoor spaces. For instance, you may like to create an epoxy floor with colors next to your swimming pool. Given the durability of epoxy, these floors will also be:

  • highly resistant to stains and chemicals
  • able to take care of a fair amount of impact and
  • amenable to rough wear as well.


This is an extremely interesting aspect of epoxy flooring simply because you can experiment with the entire palette of colors and shades in order to get the right combination that you desire. Offices, factories, homes, recreational facilities such as clubs and even hospitality establishments like restaurants often play around with colored epoxy floors. For instance, if you own a restaurant or a fast food joint and you would like your flooring to reflect the colors in your logo, then you really do need to go in for epoxy floor or epoxy floor coating.



If you are thinking of epoxy flooring for areas such as the kitchen or even in industrial units where there may be spillage of water, oil, grease, lubricants and so on, you may be better off by going in for textured epoxy floors. Primarily, adding a bit of texture to your epoxy floor will allow you to enjoy an anti-skid or anti-slip surface.

Some of the options for adding such textures include:

  • vinyl chips
  • quartz
  • sand particles and so on.

All of them come in color options as well. So you can certainly choose various designs and looks according to your personal preference.


Finally, when you are looking at different epoxy flooring solutions, you can also look for things like dividers and paint chips. Basically, these embellishments will allow you to create a very striking epoxy floor because you can use dividers made of either plastic or colored metal and so on. These dividers will function as accents to your floor.

Thus, taking a look at and experimenting with all the possible design options when it comes to epoxy floors is an extremely good idea because it will give you that many more choices to play around with.

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