Decorate the Interior with Mexican Blankets

When a person is seeking to bring a decorative flavor or theme into his or her house room, it may tend tempting to make it possible by just hanging some characteristic maracas and sombreros. While it may look to be very easy at first, even though, it does not actually bring the comfort and warmth which is very synonymous with the Mexican blankets. They are also known as Mexican serapes or serapes blankets. At the core of the Mexican style, is the color hue and texture, which is the only secret to the themed decorating style of Mexican serapes.

Colours of Mexico

There are important tips that anyone can adhere to when using Mexican blankets to decorate the interior of the house. These are as follows:

Interconnection of colorful bands or stripes

The modern serapes blankets are generally recognized for being interconnected with colorful stripes or bands. They typically comprise a darker base color, alongside other bands of brilliant and bright colors such as orange, yellow, green, purple, blue just to mention some. In most cases, the largest band is generally the main color and its normally repeated all over the weave, together with other complimentary colors. In addition, there are separate blankets, which are made in much lighter tones with pastel and cream or white pastel colored bands. They are also available in shades of similar colors that can be coordinated with already existing interior colors. The variety of these decorative blankets allow ease decoration of the interior of any house.

The combination of cheerful colors

These Mexican serapes have cheerful colors, patterns of eye pleasing and the inviting fabric, hence making the interior of any house more warm and inviting. The multicolored banding of the serape can also make the room look great and larger. In addition, since these serapes are a textile that can be easily draped over the furniture, they create a conducive environment.


Consider using them on most furniture

Using them on furniture is one of the easiest ways to use the decorative power of these Mexican serapes. In this case, just drop one over the couch, chair, or sofa and watch it the way it will revitalize that piece of the furniture as well as transforming the room into an amazing place. Not only these serapes can renew your chair or couch, they can also renew all types of furniture or any room in the house. Mexican blankets are available in different sizes making it easier for them to easily cover up the entire furniture, whether it is old or not.

Consider using it as a table runner

This is another important way that you can possibly use the Mexican serapes to decorate your exterior. In this case, try to fold one into half lengthwise and then spread it along the buffet, coffee table or on the end table. With their cheerful and amazing stripes and color, they quickly bring a Mexican flavor while accenting the wood and the table. Additionally, these Mexican serapes are also good at covering dinner tables when they are not in use, thus making them excellent table covers. There are colors and great designs are properly displayed on a flat surface such as tables.

Conclusively, because all Mexican blankets are handmade, all of them are unique pieces of textile art. Try to hang one on your wall and see how it will bring your room to life. You can also decide to fold and arrange them in a fan-like formation as well as creating a serape double art piece.

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