Declutter Your Home and Mind with Ease

Are you one of those people who find themselves surrounded by too much stuff? Is your attic or basement overloaded with items that you haven’t used in years? Are your closets full of clothes that are from another century? Is there a storage unit that you rented and filled with things you would never use again? If some of those are true – don’t worry – the conclusion is that you simply are a grown-up human being. As such, you are probably aware that this stuff is not just cluttering the space you live in, but your mind as well. This is where we step in with our helpful tips. We will share with you the best ways to declutter your mind, while letting go of the stuff you really do not need anymore. Okay, take some notes now.

“Having clutter in your home is like being in a bad relationship. But there comes a time when you realize you’ve had enough, that it’s time to stand up for yourself and move on. Easier said than done, of course, especially when you see that sweet, familiar face of your stuff at every turn.” –

Make some breathing room

Decluttering usually leads to more open space. By performing a house clearance, you are able to create a space that you would enjoy being surrounded by. You will feel like being in a pleasant spring field, instead of a dark labyrinth, swarmed by towers of clothing and the occasional rat’s nest (we all hope it’s just the one). It’s a good thing to have a designated space that is completely empty, where you can find refugee from all the chaos. Get your short breaks there and keep in mind that your home will feel like that after the thorough decluttering is done. Okay break is over, now go inside the jungle and keep up the good work. We believe in you!

Enjoy what you are doing

declutter your life and be happy

According to Wikipedia, happiness translates the Greek concept of eudaimonia, and refers to the good life, or flourishing, rather than simply an emotion. Keep in mind that this is how you are about to feel after you are done with all the work. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Isn’t life beautiful? There is no reason to dread performing the house clearance. If you focus on how miserable a certain task is making you feel, it will become harder and harder to be successful. Everything will feel like it is taking decades. This is why you should focus on contemplating the joy of decluttering your sweet home. Nevertheless, if you find out that you are unable to feel good while doing it, there is always the option of hiring a rubbish removal company and let them do all the work for you. Either way, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you will feel enormous amounts of joy.

Make a plan, according to your lifestyle

When you are sure about why you are doing it – you can feel free to get down to business. It will be of big help if you figuremake a plan out the exact strategy that fits your situation. If you have responsibilities, such as children, office work, or aging parents, it is probably not very easy to get a lot of free time. In this case it would make a lot more sense to get on with the work by dividing it to little projects. Spend one or two hours every time and eventually you will get there. Remember that in this case patience is key. If this is not the case and you are one of those who never finish a job unless it’s taken at once – make it a festival and don’t waste any time in the process. You can also combine both approaches, which is probably the easiest way to go. Start up slowly and finish with a big, healthy push. Our advice is for you to figure everything out before you start the actual process (saves time).

Everything is easier with company – find a declutter buddycleaning with family

Are you trying to make the tough decisions whether or not to keep your son’s old videogame, or your daughter’s art from second grade? If you get a friend, they can help you with those kinds of decisions and guide you the right path – let go of more stuff than you want (but be reasonable). You can find a declutter buddy in your grown children. This way you will know exactly what they want to keep and nobody will be upset at the end of the day.

The three ‘magic’ boxes

Get three boxes. Label them: ‘keep’, ‘donate/sell’, ‘junk’. Start sorting. Easy, isn’t it?carton boxes

The fourth ‘Not Sure’ box

Most of us need a fourth box. Its use is for all the stuff that you are not entirely sure that you want to keep, but feel bad when you think of throwing away. It is entirely natural for this to happen, but keep in mind that if the box gets filled too quickly, you need to check yourself. This is also a good time to use the services of your declutter buddy.

The ‘three-year rule’

Anything that hasn’t been used in three years has to go. Don’t think twice if you want to make the most of this purge of your living space. This rule applies to clothes, kitchen gadgets, stuff in the basement, tools in the garden, etc. If you haven’t used it in three years, it’s not worth the space.

Repurpose if you are aware of the purpose

If you have a spare dresser that has been cleared out you have two options. Either repurpose its use in some way or just let go, since you don’t actually have any use for it. You will be surprised by how liberated you feel after getting rid of useless items. Opening up space in your home comes with relieving a lot of unwanted stress.

Keep your shoes on shelves or on the floorshoes shelves

Shoes can end up taking a lot of space in the closet and make it look a lot untidier than it actually is. If you want to get things in order, get some regular shelving, a rack, or a shoe holder. The floor space in your closet will instantly be opened up. If your closet is not big enough for these – don’t worry – we are sure that there are shoes you can get rid of. Do this and this way you will end up with even more free space. This is our main goal here, isn’t it?

Create beauty!

Adorn your closet or any other furniture that tend to get overflowed with stuff from time to time. Do this with some framed art or another special thing for you. This way you will think twice and you won’t let it be desecrated by unwanted junk.

Always have fun!

The whole process of sorting and wading through all your stuff can be quite annoying. While on the path of thoroughly clearing up your living place you will meet a lot of items that you mindlessly acquired through the years. You might wonder ‘what was I thinking back then’ more than once. Laugh it off. Humans tend to hoard. Humans are silly. You are a human and you can’t help that. Have fun!

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