Creative Storage Solutions to Maximize Your Space at Home

living-roomMany people prefer living in the city because it is convenient, especially when they have to go to work or send their children to school. With that said, it is not surprising that many individuals and families are making the move to condo and apartment living since it is much more practical and cost-effective than buying huge and expensive real estate.

Unfortunately, these types of residences have small square-footage; thus, many people are having a hard time keeping and storing their belongings. Thankfully, living in a small residence doesn’t mean that one should give in to a cramped lifestyle. If you are having trouble with how you can make your small space work, you can consider these creative storage solutions that will help you maximize your space.

But before you start to consider these solutions, you must first learn the basics of organizing and storing items. Here are three basic ground rules.

The Ground Rules For Organizing And Storage

  1. Keep things that are functional, needed, and valuable. When it comes to organizing and storing items, it is a good idea to take an inventory of your possessions. In doing so, you can decide which items are necessary and which items should be stored, thrown, or donated.If you have items you don’t wish to part with but they will only cramp your space, you can consider getting a storage unit. These units are secured and safe; thus, you won’t have to worry about losing your valuables. You can store unneeded items there for the meantime and get them back when you find a use for them.
  2. Find a place for every item. This means that you should find where each item should go. In doing so, you can avoid confusion and you can avoid losing items. For instance, you should have a key holder near your door where you can place your keys once you get home.
  3. Focus on one item at a time. Although multitasking is helpful in getting things done quickly, you shouldn’t try to do everything at once. If you do that, you won’t do anything. When organizing, you must try a simple approach so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the task.

Innovative Storage Ideas

Now that you are familiar with the three basic ground rules, it is time to look for innovative storage solutions. These solutions will definitely suit your modern lifestyle.

Shelving System: Utilizing shelves can help keep your things organize while maximizing your space. This is possible since shelves can be attached on the walls which will make use of the space that usually go unnoticed. You can get a shelving kit which you can easily mount on walls and use it as a bookshelf or as a display shelf. There are also staircase shelving systems available in the market which combines a pull-out stair system and a bookshelf. This shelving system can give you a lot of storage space; thus, you never have to see clutter again.

Storage Boxes and Drawers: This is a very smart and creative storage system that maximizes your small space. It makes use of the space under furniture and fixtures, such as the bed, cabinet, and banquette. You can use ready-made drawers and install them under furniture or fixtures to increase your storage space at home without the need to buy bulky storage fixtures.

Recessed Cabinets: This is another excellent idea to add storage in your kitchen or bathroom area. You can place them behind sinks or they can run along the counters. These cabinets can store items that might take up precious space. If you choose to have open cabinets, you can match it with the kitchen or bathroom design. You can also choose cabinets with sliding doors that hide the items neatly.

Overhead Storage: This storage solution can help you get extra storage in your room or in your garage. This is made with heavy-duty steel racks which are hung from the ceiling. They come in various sizes; thus, it will definitely suit any storage needs. This storage system can provide you with more work and floor space at home.

The author, Kris Lim, is a professional organizer who writes for lifestyle websites where she offers creative and easy storage solutions. She also advises her readers to consider getting a Sun City self storage unit if they are in need of additional storage for their valuables.

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