Create A Master Bedroom That Goes Beyond Basics


Bedroom is the most coveted parts of the house. After every celebration and fun, after all the tiresome work of the day, it is the bedroom that tempts you, the warmth of the bed which invites you. Also, it is the place where you can be just yourself, away from the madding crowd. You can pour out your mind and heart; you can sing to yourself and conjure up your dreams. To keep your bedroom both neat and a truly relaxing retreat is thus one of your responsibilities. Have you been recently thinking about creating a master bedroom? Don’t you want enjoy a cosy and pampered nap? Here are some easy tips to give you the best feeling of residing in a master bedroom.

Take Notice Colour Scheme

The colour of a room can influence the mood of an individual. Therefore, the first thing that you should consider is that of colouring your bedroom. Since bedroom ought to be a very cosy and silent place, it is nice to paint it with soft colours. That includes not only the wall colour but also the doors and windows and most importantly, the colours of the bed sheet, pillow cover and curtains. Everything together adds up to the ambience. Blue and white is a classic colour combination that you can try out. Soft green or sea green is a nice colour too. For children’s bedroom, use pink and sky blue.

Vintage Wall Décor

Do not keep the large walls empty. Decorate the walls with some painting or wallpaper. You may also attach decorative tiny shelves where you can keep a few chosen books or your favourite showpiece.


Bright and Soothing Lights

Let there be two types of light in your bedroom: the bright light which should be meant for regular use and the soft dim light to make you comfortable at night. You can choose to keep it on or off at night according to your requirement. The softness of the light not only reduces the stress and strains from your mind but also adds a unique pleasure to yourself.

Designing Carpet

It is not a very good feeling to wake up and step on the cold floor. Carpet your floor. Sometimes, you need to avoid spoiling your bed and sit on the floor for some work. If there are little children at your home especially, you need to put a carpet on the floor. Make sure that you clean your carpet regularly and ask your guests to keep shoes outside so that no one walks in with dust and dirt.

A Tempting Bed

Without a soft and cosy bed, a bedroom is incomplete! Get hold of the microfiber mattress. Invest in comfortable, restful sleep with your family.

Minimal Attractive Furniture

It is not very wise to overcrowd your bedroom with loads of furniture. Do not give it a dingy look. Keep only those items that are necessary. For example, a dressing table is required inside the bedroom and yes, a wardrobe too; may be a small sofa with a table in front or a writing desk.


Although this has nothing to do with decorating your room, you must note that your bedroom is located at a proper direction. This has to be taken care of, when you build the house. A bedroom requires sufficient light and air from outside. Therefore make sure there are enough windows to make you feel comfortable.

If you are still puzzled about creating a bedroom of your dreams, you can contact the Painters and Decorators, Chelsea. They not only help you out with the best form of ideas but also are well equipped to do the necessary arrangements for you. So far, they are considered to be the most reliable and efficient workers in this field.

Once your bedroom is ready, surprise your family with its wonderful look. Sleep tight and don’t forget to wish each other ‘sweet dreams’!


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