Contemporary Art Decorating Tips for Your Home

Art lovers and those who collect art will wish to decorate their homes with their favourite pieces. Yet decorating your home is no easy task as you will wish to create a soothing atmosphere that shows off your dearest pieces of artwork but does not stand out so much that the art seems out of place and jarring.

Decorating a home is definitely a skill and one that not all of us possess. Some of us may wish to hire the services of an interior decorator so that they can take our vision and bring it to life. This can be the easiest and least stressful way to do this, but it can also be costly. Plus, if you are unsure on the pieces you wish to showcase or the colour palette you want to dress your home in, then bringing in an interior designer can seem pointless at this time.

How can you hang your most precious pieces of contemporary art in your home with it being considered over the top while also ensuring that it complements your home? Read on for tips on where to locate and buy contemporary art and ideas on how to hang the pieces in your home and decorate your home in general.

Know Where to Buy From

Perhaps you already know where to find the best prints of contemporary artwork, or you are completely new or are looking for a new seller. Either way, there are numerous sellers, all you have to do is find the one that sells the style and prints you are after. One contemporary artist that may be a firm favourite of yours is Banksy. If you haven’t heard of Banksy before, Banksy is an England-based street artist who keeps their identity a secret as they paint murals across the country. Their murals are typically politically charged, and when their artwork appears in a village, town, or city, they typically become tourist hotspots. Their secret identity has kept many people guessing as they try to figure out who Banksy is.

For Banksy’s work and that of other street artists, head to a trusted contemporary art trader such as You may even be able to locate and purchase original artworks of certain other contemporary artists through such a website, which would make a stunning focal point for your home.

The Living Room

Your living room holds a lot of potential and is usually the first room people consider when thinking about where to hang their artwork. This is because the living room is considered a comfortable and cosy room where people will usually congregate, and if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace or mantlepiece, this can become a beautiful focal point if you hang a piece of contemporary art above it.

Remember, though, that your art needs to complement your surroundings. This can be quite tough in a living room due to the furniture you may have. To stop any clashing from happening, you should ensure that your furniture is modern, too. This means clean, minimalistic sofas and coffee tables. You may wish to choose furniture with natural colours so that contemporary art looks more striking in comparison.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually thought of being the heart of the home, where people can socialise as they make food or snack together. There is a lot of foot traffic throughout the kitchen, and if it is open plan, then why not include a few pieces of art that will captivate any visitors who may step into your home.

Where should you hang a piece of artwork in the kitchen, though? After all, it can be a messy and chaotic place when you are cooking and preparing ingredients. Try and find a spot that isn’t close to the cooker and far enough away from where any prepping happens. This is so that your art does not get damaged by water, heat, or food. If you have a large open space on your wall, then this can be a great spot for a large piece of art that is bold and brilliant.

The Bathroom

Many homeowners overlook the bathroom, but this can be a great opportunity to hang a piece of artwork (although you may wish to be wary about water damage that could occur if there is a bath or shower). Make sure the artwork is not too imposing and natural in tone, as most bathrooms are smaller rooms, and a large piece could be overwhelming. You may wish to include a piece of minimalistic artwork.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a great place to hang your favourite piece of contemporary artwork. Consider how this room is supposed to be intimate for you and your partner, and how it presents you with the opportunity to wake up and see your favourite artist or print each morning and before you fall asleep. You could hang your art above your bed or opposite your bed.

If you decide to hang a piece of art above your bed, make sure that the art is not floating high above the piece of furniture (especially if it is hanging above the bed). You will want the bottom of the frame to be hanging eight to ten inches above the furniture piece so that it looks connected to the furniture and doesn’t have a lot of empty space between the two elements.

The Hallways

Don’t neglect your hallways, especially the hallway that is connected to your front door. This is a prime opportunity to show off your pieces of art as people come and go into your home or stand and speak to you before they enter the home properly or leave. Try and organise the artwork so that they hang in a way that connects to one another. You could even have a cluster of pieces of art to make it more of a statement piece.

Contemporary art will never fall out of fashion, making it an ideal décor choice when it comes to decorating your home. Make sure you find a great spot to hang your artwork so everyone can enjoy it, too.

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