Cleaning Tips for CertainTeed Windows

certainteedReplacing the windows in your home often represents a significant investment and you would want to ensure that you took care of that investment by keeping the windows in great shape. One of the things that should be considered in this regard is cleaning the windows, which should be done periodically.

When you clean the windows at your home, you not only improve the appearance, you also remove many of the contaminants, which could damage the window if they were left in place. The following is a cleaning guide for those of you who chose a high-quality, CertainTeed windows replacement (Source:

What might surprise you is that the typical way a homeowner would wash their windows, with a paper towel and spray cleaner can actually attract dirt to the window. In order to protect your investment and to have the cleanest CertainTeed windows possible, you will want to invest in high-quality, window cleaning equipment. This would include a strip applicator, squeegee, Chamois and brush.

Begin by applying soapy water to the window using the strip applicator. It is not necessary to invest in brand-name window cleaning solution, just use a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water. If you are cleaning multi pane windows, use a sponge or a hog bristle brush to loosen the dirt.

If the windows have begun to dry, apply additional cleaning solution using your strip applicator. You can then remove the water using the squeegee. It is not necessary for you to press hard using the squeegee. It will not take you long to develop a feel for how much pressure to use.

After the main part of the glass has been cleaned, you should use the Chamois to wipe the edges, which will still have a bead of water. At this time, you should also wash the frame of the window with a sponge or Chamois. Any water that ends up back on the window should be wiped with the Chamois.

Cleaning your CertainTeed windows twice a year will help to reduce the possibility that any damage will occur to the glass or frame. It will also provide you with clean windows, which will be an enjoyable part of your home.


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