Choosing a Remodeling Project That Adds Value to a Home

freferAs a homeowner, there’s almost always a project that you can tackle. From painting the bathroom to tiling the dining nook, every renovation adds an aesthetic value to the property. However, it’s only certain changes that will truly make a difference in your home’s value. Take a close look at remodeling projects that will help your property value as selling time arrives.

Outdoor Decks

The newest trend that adds value to a home is extending the living space. Outdoor decks often reside just adjacent to living rooms. Simply slide open a glass door, and you have an instantly bigger living area. Ideally, hire a professional for this renovation. Pouring concrete and securing the deck to the structure is challenging work. You want the deck to last as long as the structure itself. Decorate the new space with chairs and umbrellas. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the space before selling it in the near future.

Bathroom Renovations

A dated bathroom is a negative aspect to a property. Think about the enhancements that you’d like to see, such as easy access tubs, that will draw in potential buyers. Change the sink, paint the vanity or swap out the lighting fixtures. Bathrooms should be attractive and functional by design. For cooler climates, add a towel warmer to the space. A motorized fan is a smart addition for confined bathrooms without a window. These fans will pull moist air from the area, which reduces mold and mildew buildup.

Kitchen Options

The kitchen can be the most expensive area to renovate because of every option in the marketplace today. Don’t empty your bank account for this project. There are simple ways to update the space without spending a lot of money. Replace the cabinet hardware and faucet fixtures, for instance. Clean the cabinet doors too. These basic actions will make the kitchen shine without too much investment. You might replace the small appliances on the counters so that the area looks even newer than before too.

A major investment, such as replacing the roof or adding siding, should normally come with a warranty. Keep this paperwork on hand so that it can be a selling point during an open house. Any warranty that covers part of the home is an important value to potential buyers. Your home will have that lucrative bid in no time.

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