Choosing a Good Facility for Self-Storage

self-storage-closetThe facilities for self-storage are popping up in droves throughout the country. They are gaining popularity for the people who downsize their home, live in an apartment with inadequate storage space or relocate themselves to a new state. The size of a storage unit varies from a typical size of a closet to a huge size of a 2-car garage space. Many units could be accessed simply by driving right up to the door. Several businesses make use of self-storage for the sake of keeping old records and files.

Most self-storage companies make use of a month-to-month lease for their customers. This allows some more time for moving belongings into your new home or for storing things for several years or months. You could purchase a lock for your own unit so that no one else could access it.

However, security is a big matter of concern with the self-storage companies. Usually units are enclosed off with barbed wires. The security gate has a key entry where the customers are provided with an access code. The security cameras are most often installed in every corner. In some facilities, every unit boasts of its own security system. Moreover while you access the gate with your special code, the security system deactivates the alarm to your unit. Some larger self-storage companies have resident managers living on the site.

You should keep in mind that the facilities for self-storage will not let you store live animals, flammable gases, explosives and liquids. If you want you could store power tools, lawn mowers and motorcycles. Nevertheless the gas should be drained out and removed. You won't be able to store any illegal, toxic or hazardous item. Some companies will not even let you store paint cleaner. Food items and perishable goods are also not allowed as they attract bugs.

Irrespective of the fact whether you live in a rented house or own a home, you may require a place for temporarily storing your less mobile belongings. Even if you do not get the access to a permanent storage space like a large basement, you may be in need of a good facility for self-storage. As soon as you locate a self-storage business, you must consider a few things for picking up the right one for you.

Let's check out the tips for choosing a good facility for self-storage:

Select a close and convenient location

Opt for a location which is close and convenient from your home. Remember that if the facility for self-storage is situated at a distant place, it will cost you more in your time and travelling expense.

Seek out flexible operating hours

Do not forget to seek out flexible operation hours. Check out the days and the hours of the week you will be able to access your storage unit. In addition you should not fail to look into the fact whether you will be able to get the access to your storage unit by riding a moving van or other vehicle.

Inspect the security measures

Look into the security measures such as gates, staff patrols, cameras, locks and sign-in sheet. Avoid units or locations with low visibility or shrubbery as they could appeal to criminals.

Look at whether the units are climate-controlled

Look into the fact whether your storage unit is climate-controlled or not. This is especially important if your items require stable cooling, heating, humidity control or ventilation.

Consider the cost and unit size

Do consider the cost and the unit size. Ask for a price chart and size and ensure the fact that the facility you are choosing could provide you an available unit of the suitable size as desired by you. Inquire whether there is any special offer for long-term storage.

Read the documents carefully

Try to read all the documents carefully. If required you should double check the fees, costs, terms as well as the conditions of the agreement. You should also not forget to ask about the insurance available in case of damage and theft.

Weigh up the reputation

Weigh up the reputation of the facility. The Better Business Bureau keeps a record of complaints. Moreover your local chamber of commerce could provide you references.

Opt for a secure and adequate facility of self storage and get a good solution to your storage needs.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    My sister has been seeking for strategies to prevent her belongings from becoming damaged while renovating her home. I believe that moving her belongings temporarily into a self-storage unit would be a terrific idea. I appreciated the advice on picking a place that is close to your home and convenient. I’ll be sure to let my sister know about this and look out for nearby self-storage units for her.

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