Benefits of Window Replacement

Frosted WindowWhen homeowners think about upgrading their homes windows installation often comes to mind and for good reason. Updating those old windows provides a wide array of benefits to not only you and your family but to your home as well.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older windows are just not nearly as energy efficient as newer models. They are drafty and allow air leaks to plague your home. Thankfully, newer window models are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, thus cutting down on annoying and problematic air leaks.

Lower Energy Costs

As discussed above, old windows allow for the outside air to seep in, which affects the temperature in your home. This leads you to turn up the heat or turn down the air conditioner to compensate for the air leaks. And when you do that, you increase your heating and cooling cost. Installing new windows, however, greatly reduces and may even completely eliminate air leaks, thus lowering your energy costs.

Increased Home Value

When you replace those old, worn out windows, you increase the overall value of your home. In fact, reports have shown that, when compared to other home improvement projects, replacing windows are in the top 5 returns on investments. Furthermore, new windows, such as those found at Stagi, improves the curb appeal of your home and greatly increases the exterior aesthetics of the home.

Improved Home Security

Studies have shown that new windows actually improves your home's security. This is because most older windows have locking mechanisms that are loose fitting and easy to pry open from outside. Newer models, however, are designed to hold up against forced entry and are equipped with better locking mechanisms.

Reduction In Sound

One benefit that is often overlooked when considering window replacement is the sound reduction. New windows are designed to reduce the amount of noise from the outside coming in, as well as reducing the noise transmitted from inside your home to the outside. This is extremely beneficial if you live in an area where the outside noise is distracting.

Improved Comfort and Less Maintenance

With new windows comes improved comfort to your home. This is because you will have less drafts and are more capable of keeping your home at the desired temperature throughout the year. Furthermore, new windows require less maintenance than older models. Most new windows feature a tilt in sash, which makes it easier for the homeowner to clean both the inside and outside of the window without going outside and climbing on a ladder.


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