Benefits of Melamine in Kitchen Cabinets

futurist kitchenMelamine is used for kitchen cabinets in many homes. Besides offering great color and finish choices, they also offer high resistance ot stains, heat and wear and tear. Moreover they are also affordable as compared to other kinds of laminates available in the market.

Among the different applications of melamine such as in the paper and textiles, wood adhesives, flame retardant safety wear, crockery industry, etc., it's also used in manufacturing laminates. Melamine is often used in cabinetry in homes and offices owing to its high resistance to wear & tear, stain and heat. It's also a cost-effective choice. Before delving into the benefits of melamine in kitchen cabinets in details, let's understand how these laminate sheets are produced and what variants they are available in.

Melamine Laminates

Melamine is used in manufacturing plywood where sheets of paper are injected into them along with a resin that helps bond to particle board's surface without using adhesives. These plywood are used in the making kitchen cabinets as well as a wide variety of commercial shelving and furniture. There are two types of melamine laminates based on their manufacturing environment namely, high pressure and low pressure laminates.

High pressure melamine laminates durable, homogeneous and high in density making them highly chemical, abrasion and heat resistant. These high pressure variants are ideal for use in exterior wall cladding, sturdy furniture tops and bathroom counter tops. Low pressure melamine laminates on the other hand are comparatively economical but are yet highly resistant to chemicals, moisture and abrasion and make for great kitchen counter-top applications.

Even though melamine isn’t such a popular choice when it comes to laminates, using it in cabinetry can offer some distinct advantages.

Benefits of using melamine laminates in cabinetry

  • Durability – Most of the time, melamine laminate's durability is what makes it a preferred choice for cabinetry. While laminates vary in their strength, the hardened resin injected in the particle board gives these laminates a tough impenetrable surface that effectively resists dents, scratches and chipping. Melamine laminates used on cabinets will last homes years, with stand up to considerable heat and wont fade or crack.
  • Choices – Since melamine laminates are primarily made of paper, any color that can be obtained on paper can be used in kitchens thereby giving homeowners a wide range of options to choose from. In fact, some of these laminates can mimic real wood very well thereby allowing homeowners get a real wood look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Cost Effectiveness-As mentioned above, since melamine laminates are able to mimic real wood looks very well, they can easily replace real wood and yet look the same. However, its recommended that melamine laminates be used only in cabinet interiors while real wood on the exteriors. This will help obtain a rich finish both inside as well as on the outside at a significantly lesser investment.

Since kitchens need to deal with a whole lot of heat, grime and stains, melamine laminates serve as a great choice that can last homes for years.

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