Benefits of Gas Fired Boilers

adjusting-gas-boilerMany people think of HVAC systems when it comes to home heating. I learned a lot on the Heating Portland website. This is because electric heaters have become quite common and popular in recent years. However, you can still buy and install gas boilers to provide warmth inside your home at night or during winter. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by installing this type of boiler include:

Space-Saving Boilers

Boilers that run on gas tend to be compact units that can easily fit inside a small space. This is because these boilers do not require huge tanks to hold water or other components that are widely used by manufacturers of other heating units. In addition, the water pipes used to distribute hot water also take up much less space than air ducts. These aspects can be a huge advantage to someone who lives in a home where space is an issue.

Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, a gas boiler does not necessarily produce environmentally harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. In fact, these boilers can run on fuels made from recyclable materials. Furthermore, they can run on biodiesel, which is a carbon-neutral fuel. Take note that you do not have to retrofit your boiler in order to use bio-fuels.

Relatively Easy to Install

Installing a boiler that uses gas fuel is quite easy. To start with, the compact nature of this type of boiler means that you do not have to demolish walls to install it. Secondly, they do not come with large and complex radiators. As a result, a competent installer will have no problem fitting it inside your home.

Minimal Maintenance

A boiler that runs on gas does not require constant and expensive maintenance. Depending on the type and brand of boiler that you have installed, you may have to clean the flue gas chamber. Other components such as ceramic elements require replacing after five to seven years.

Automated Control

Most modern boilers come with automated electronic control panels making it easy to monitor energy use at home. Moreover, the control panels are user friendly, which means that anyone can operate this type of boiler.


Boilers that use gas as fuel are generally quite safe. This is because, with such boilers, you would not have to worry about noxious fumes such as carbon monoxide leaking into your home. At the same time, the likelihood of an explosion occurring at home is quite low.


Although the initial cost of installing this type of boiler may be high, you are likely to recoup the cost of installing such a boiler over time. In general, the payback period varies depending on factors such as rate of use and type of boiler. Consult specifications set by your boiler’s manufacturer to find out more about long term cost savings.

All in all, gas boilers offer a number of advantages including easy installation, affordable, safe, automated control, minimal maintenance, and environmentally friendly. Finally, such boilers can last for years, provided they receive regular maintenance of course.

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