Benefits of a Kitchen Hood for Your Family Health

gas burnerWe spend a lot of time improving our home: we want it to be secure, warm and really comfortable because we spend 90% of our lives indoors. But we might be stunned to learn that the air you're breathing inside your home can be much more dangerous and harmful than the air from outside. The products we use to clean our home but also cooking turn out to be the root causes of this danger. Even if it's not deadly, breathing bad particles indoors can lead not only to some headaches, but also to pulmonary problems that can be important for your children or old people. Kitchen are the most dangerous parts of your home and recent studies tried to understand what kind of harmful particles are rejected in the air by cooking and how kitchen hoods or range hoods can prevent us from breathing these bad substances.

Pollution in your kitchen

Recent studies discovered worrying levels of nitrogen dioxide but also carbon monoxide in home mainly due to cooking. In some houses those indoors levels exceed the limits of outdoors levels, so it means to you may have a lot of carbon monoxide in your home, and sometimes more than in a street full of cars! Moreover it seems that gas burners are really a threat for health if people don’t use stove hoods or range hoods in their kitchen. And it leads to another problem: a lot of models of range hoods are sold in the market but the efficiency of those products can vary a lot. Researchers calculated that range hoods capacity about evacuating hazardous particles could vary from 15% to 90%! It stands for a huge gap! Plus there are actually no common public rules and legislations to control the efficiency of this kind of equipment! Researchers have noticed that sometimes the most expensive range hoods were not the better ones to evacuate nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide. If your kitchen does not have a hood, the first advice we could give you is to open your windows as soon as you are cooking: it's not the best solution but it helps rejecting and renewing the bad air. Gas burners are the most harmful equipments but also electric burners are not safe either because they also create tiny particles with the heat, the metal and the combustion. If you use frying pans, vapors can be full of carbon monoxide, especially if you're cooking meat. Another issue is that during winters we may try to reduce air infiltration to cut down our energy consumption but it helps creating bad air in our home. Doctors explain that it is not a real threat for adults but if you have small children and old persons you should absolutely put them away from your kitchen when you are cooking. You know mothers use to put their babies just next to them to keep an eye on their child as they are cooking: it is exactly the kind of habits that you should avoid because it favours pulmonary complications. If your child suffers from asthma for example, he or she should not stay in your kitchen too long.

Protect your health and invest your money in a range hood

A good range hood or stove hood is really an important element in your kitchen. A recent study has provided stunning information: 25 millions of American might suffer from asthma. This figure stands for almost 8% of people in the United States. So this kind of habit can worsen your asthma. You might not know that you actually suffer from asthma but by breathing bad air indoors your asthma may become a real issue in a few years. So this is the reason why you should take care of the quality of your air indoors, especially in your kitchen. It exists a lot of models of range hoods in the market but you must verify the specifications of your protect before purchasing it. Even if there is no rating system to guide you during your comparison, try to learn whether the manufacturer tests its materials or not and if he uses its own rating system, it is sometimes the case with some good companies. Range hoods are effective but purchasing a luxury model does not mean that you buy the most secure model. Some very good kitchen hoods can be found at affordable price, so try to learn more stuffs about the manufacturers and check if your kitchen has a functional air outlet! Plus open your windows after each time you cook, even if it is cold outside and even it's not good for your energy invoice: the health of your children is worth it!

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